About Me

cover-photo-editHello there! Thanks for stopping by Readerly Geek. My name’s Melissa, and I run things around here.

I started my first blog in high school (thankfully, those early posts about Alias and 24 have vanished from the Internet) and have been blogging off and on for the last eight or so years.

Readerly Geek’s been around since late 2013. I’ve blogged about a lot of different things since then, but nowadays, you can mostly expect reviews of books/comics/television shows, essays on Pop Culture, and the occasional craft-related post.

I’m, personally, a big nerd about things like Hannibal, Arrow, Science Fiction laced with Noir, tea and scones, British Literature, and knitting. I run a shop on Etsy where I sell things like Doctor Who Amigurumi and Harry Potter House Color Fingerless Mittens. Β It’s called Melissa’s Cute Crochet.

I’m also a writer. I’ve had several book reviews appear in magazines, and I’ve had a grand total of one short story published (you can find it for free through Google Books). I’m currently working on some new projects so hopefully my “Collected Works” will soon be growing.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to hop on over to my contact page. I will respond (so long as you’re not sending me spam or something along that lines).


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