{Countdown to Disney} My Disney in December Bucket List

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The countdown begins. In just a few weeks, I’m journeying to Disney World for my very first Christmas Season at the Parks. I’m not going on actual Christmas (that would be too crazy),  but I still cannot wait to see all the holiday decorations and activities at Disney World.

As the day draws nearer, I’m feeling excited and a little nervous. This will be my second time at Disney World, but my first time there with hardcore anxiety (particularly triggered by crowds so. . .yeah). I’m planning on coping with the lines and bunches of people by loading podcasts and Disney music on my iPod shuffle, Honey Lemon. If you have any Disney-themed podcasts recommendations, please share (Star Wars and Marvel podcasts count too!). I’ll need all the fun, distracting listens I can get.

To help with the nerves, I’m watching Disney movies to get me in the spirit of things and trying to plan fun activities for the Parks to amp up my excitement for the trip. I created a bucket list of things I’d like to do at Disney, but I’m totally open for more ideas (like maybe great locations for photo-ops or characters I must meet). Tell me all your favorite things to do at Disney World, please!

Until then, here’s my bucket list. . .

My Disney World in December Bucket List

  • Disneybound ~ The likelihood of me Disneybounding on this trip is low, but I’d very much like to try. I will definitely be wearing Mickey Mouse ears–which is a start–but hopefully, I’ll be able to pull an entire outfit together before I go. *Fingers Crossed*
  • Ride the Jingle Cruise ~ I’m looking forward to all the Christmas decorations and fun, but riding the Jungle Cruise-turned-Jingle Cruise sounds like a blast. My first ride on the Jungle Cruise was memorable thanks to it raining so ridiculously hard that everyone was soaked and cracking up. It’d be awesome if my second ride was just as memorable.
  • Buy My First Disney Pin ~ I have a feeling souvenirs are going to be a problem. When I first went to Disney World, I was in an “I’m totally an adult” stage–which meant I decorated my room with adult things and wore clothes without animated characters or Star Wars quotes on them. That stage passed and I’m totally going to buy cute things. Disney pins, Ufufys, and whatever I can find with Nick Wilde on it is coming home with me.
  • Meet Gaston ~ Obviously, I want to meet Disney Princesses (last time, I met Jasmine and Pocahontas), but this time, I’d really, really like to say hello to Beauty and the Beast’s bad boy, Gaston.  
  • Ride Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey ~ We missed out on the FastPass for these rides, but I’m going to be fine waiting in line to ride the new Avatar rides. I’ve heard they’re amazing and the world Disney created around them is breathtaking. I’ll just need to rewatch Avatar before I go because I haven’t watched it since the theater.
  • Go to the Country Bear Jamboree ~ I’m still sad the Country Bears were “sick” last time I went to Disney. I’m 100% going to drag my parents to see them perform this time around.
  • Ride Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid and the entire New Fantasyland expansion were added after my first visit to Disney World. I cannot wait to see all the new buildings (most of them Beauty and the Beast related) and visit the new attractions like Journey of the Little Mermaid and Enchanted Tales with Belle.
  • Meet Kylo Ren ~ I love my Trash Prince Kylo Ren, so if you think I’m not going to get my picture taken with him in Disney Studios you’d be wrong.
  • Go to the Festival of Holidays at Epcot ~ Epcot is not my favorite park, but I think seeing the countries all Christmas-y will be amazing. I’m hoping to check out a few performances and try at least one (gluten free) Christmas treat.
  • See For the First Time in Forever: Frozen Sing-a-Long ~ I love a good sing-a-long so a Frozen sing-a-long is a must-do for me.
  • Ride Frozen Ever After ~ My dark secret is that Maelstrom was one of my least favorite rides at Disney World. While I didn’t loathe it as much as Dinosaur, it underwhelmed me (also, it was dark & I hate the dark, fast-moving rides). I’m excited to ride its replacement Frozen Ever After. Sorry.

So, what are your favorite things to do at Disney World? Anything I should add to my list?


4 thoughts on “{Countdown to Disney} My Disney in December Bucket List

  1. Celebrating the holidays at Disney is so much fun! It looks like you’ve got a bunch of great things to do and see. If you’re triggered by crowds (I get claustrophobic sometimes in long lines, you’re not alone!), I’d recommend finding a place to sit and rest at some benches or outdoor patios to get away from crowds. Sometimes I do this when I need a breather and people-watch while my mom and sister go on a ride I’m not a fan of. Hope you have fun!!

  2. I need to go back to Disney soon! It’s been over 2 years! I want to start pin collecting again because I was a pin collector as a kid but stopped because of less frequent visits. Need to find my old pins and start again. Have fun!

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