Board Game Pile of Shame: Five Games I Own But Haven’t Played

A product presentationby Alessandra A. Guerra (1).jpgFour years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of board gaming. It was a bit of a revelation. You see, I’d never been a console gamer and my PC gaming mostly consisted of me playing American Girl Premiere, Oregon Trail, and Torin’s Passage in junior high and high school. Board games, however, caught on with me in a way PC and console gaming never had. I’m an analog sort of person so I liked being able to go into my game closet and pull out whatever game I was obsessed with at the moment (most likely Archaeology). I soon started attending some board gaming clubs and amassing a collection of games.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before that collection of games got a little too big–at least, too big considering I only play five or so of my games in rotation. My unplayed games quickly began lurking in the front of my game closet, daring me to play them, but as a creature of habit, I didn’t take up those dares. The games remained in their sad, plastic wrapping.

I’m sharing five of these sad games with today in the hopes that putting them out in public will encourage me to actually play them. Maybe you all can even help me pick which ones to play first!  

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Board Game Pile of Shame: Five Games I Own But Haven’t Played


The Game: Iota

How Long I’ve Owned It: About Three Years

Like most board games, I bought Iota because Wil Wheaton recommended it on his Youtube channel. It sounded like a game I’d enjoy (and not just because of its thirty minutes playing time). Iota’s a pattern making game along the lines of Quirkle but it’s tiny–small enough to carry in a very small purse. Its size is probably the main reason I haven’t played it yet. It gets overwhelmed by everything else in the game closet!


The Game: Munchkin

How Long I’ve Owned It: About Two Years

Munchkin is one of those few hugely popular board games. It might not quite as all encompassing as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride but I feel like it’s close. I bought my copy on clearance at Target and it’s been sitting in its plastic wrap ever since. Part of the problem is that it’s a relatively long game (two hours of play time is long for me) and the other part of the problem is I can’t convince my family to play it with me.


The Game: Slash

How Long I’ve Owned It: About Three Years

This one is just sad. I got Slash through the game’s Kickstarter AGES ago but never sat down to play. The concept is basically that it’s Apples to Apples but instead of putting descriptors to nouns, you’re putting characters/historical figures/famous people together in ships. Basically, it’s a fangirl’s dream game.


The Game: Lanterns

How Long I’ve Owned It: About Six Months

I discovered Lanterns on Tabletop last year, and from what I remember of the game, its Quirkle meets Archaeology (I really like games where you make patterns and collect cards). Lanterns also has a relatively quick playing time: twenty to forty minutes. My only excuse for not playing this game yet is that I haven’t taken the time to relearn the rules.  


The Game: Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City

How Long I’ve Owned It: About Six Months

Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City was a Black Friday deal that I couldn’t pass up. I’d been wanting to play the original version (where you make a city and an amusement park), but I hadn’t wanted to shell out the thirty bucks for it. Bright Lights, Big City was cheaper, however, and since it was an expansion by way of companion game, you could play it without owning the original. Of course, I still haven’t played either. *Sigh*

Do you have a board game pile of shame? If you do, definitely take a picture and send it to me on Twitter or Instagram (@readerlygeek on both). Tag it #MyBoardGameShame and help me not feel so bad about my unplayed games.

 So, important question, which of these games should I play first?

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15 thoughts on “Board Game Pile of Shame: Five Games I Own But Haven’t Played

  1. The only one I’ve played of these is Munchkin. I love it, but some of my friends don’t, since it can be cutthroat. I feel like it’s a love-or-hate-it game.

  2. My husband and I aren’t allowed to play against each other in Munchkin b/c we get mean. lol. But i really want to play the rest of these. We are really into board gaming. We have a local comic shop that also sells board games. Well they have abunch you can come in and try out. So about once a month we go there for a date.

  3. I have an entire shelf in my closet full of board games that I never get to play, because I live by myself and, lets face it, my dog would just try to eat them. Le sigh.

  4. My shame is playing games once, then having them sit in the closet. Sadly, most want 3-4 players to make them good and we often only have my husband and myself…that and after a few months you forget how to play them and the instruction books can be so long. Haha
    I own the original Machi Koro and it’s first expansion. I honestly think it needs the expansion to be decently playable. As much as I wanted to like the game, it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve heard good things about the Lantern game.

    1. I usually play with my family–which means I have to find games that work well with only three players. Small groups of two and three can be so difficult to find games for!

  5. I also have some board games that I bought and I haven’t played either 😦 It sucks… Mostly because I cannot find any volunteers to play with! 😦

  6. My PileOfShame consists of a bunch of two player games. These were games I bought to play with my wife, but she doesn’t enjoy them. There are other games there which I just bought because I liked to artwork on the box.

    Munchkin is a fun game, if you can get the right group to play. Our sessions usually ended with letting someone win just because the game went on too long. Most of my collection is also based off of Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop.

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