My Top 7 Picks for the 13th Doctor

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It’s been official for awhile now, but Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who during the Christmas Special later this year. I’m sorry to see Capaldi leave. . .this season. I would have liked him to stick around one more year with the new showrunner Chris Chibnall so we could see what he could do with a competent head writer. He had so much potential as the Doctor, but I feel like he’s been wasted more often than not during his tenure.

In spite of that, I can’t be truly upset that it’s time for a new Doctor. The nature of the show is change and it’s always exciting to get someone different in the TARDIS. According to some gossips, the new actor in the role is Kris Marshall. I, however, prefer to believe that’s all guesswork and supposition (at least, until the show releases anything official). To top that off, Kris Marshall reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo–which is not a selling point in his favor.

Like everyone else, I have top picks for who I’d like to see in the role. Many are the same actors I was dreaming of when Capaldi was cast all those years ago, but who knows, maybe this time they’ll get the role!

My Top 7 Picks for the 13th Doctor  


Sue Perkins ~ If I had to choose, Sue Perkins would be my top pick for the Doctor. Obviously, she was fantastic as the co-host of The Great British Bake Off, but she’s great in Supersizers Go. . . as well. Sue could definitely bring madcap humor and heart to the role.


Miranda Hart ~ Miranda is my second choice, but only because her humor primary rests on her awkwardness (physical and otherwise)–which could make dealing smoothly with aliens and all that running difficult! Still, it might be nice to have a Doctor who’s not totally savvy for once.    


Damien Molony ~ As will become increasingly evident as this list goes on, I’m a huge fan of Being Human, and Damien Molony as Hal was one of my favorite things about that show. As an actor, he can balance being charming, frightening, and awkward in just the right degree to make him a perfect Doctor (and he’s quite young and cute–which could be nice switch up from curmudgeonly Capaldi).


Richard  Ayoade ~ Of course, Ayoade’s an obvious choice for Doctor. He’d be hilarious in the role, but he doesn’t top my list solely because we’ve just had an emotionally reserved Doctor. I feel like it’s time to have someone with a bit more heart a.k.a. more along the lines of Tennant or Eccleston.


Russell Tovey ~ Another Being Human alumi, Russell Tovey spent the past television season being surprisingly buff on Quantico. He’s got the goofiness, dialogue delivery, and general quirkiness to make him an excellent Doctor too. . .and isn’t it about time we had a Doctor with abs?


Hayley Atwell ~ Another obvious choice. Hayley was fantastic as Agent Carter, and she deserves another chance at a big role. I *doubt* she would seriously ever be chosen for the Doctor, but it is fun to imagine what she could do with the role.  

Tom Mison ~ You know who’s free now that Sleepy Hollow is cancelled? Tom Mison. If nothing else, Sleepy Hollow proved that Tom could be excellent at soliloquising and being endlessly curious about new surroundings. He was actually one of my choices to replace Matt Smith, and I’d definitely wish him to be in the running once again.

Who would you like to see at the 13th Doctor?

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11 thoughts on “My Top 7 Picks for the 13th Doctor

  1. …is it weird that I actually would LOVE for Kris Marshall to be the next Doctor? ‘Death In Paradise’ is one of my current go-tos for when I’m in a bad mood. 🙂 Though I wouldn’t say no to Tom Mison either. 😉

  2. Richard! Please, please, please! I would be so happy with that! I’d like the show to take a new dynamic. We know that Time Lords can become female but I’d like the show to take a real bit of diversity and let someone of color take the helm of the TARDIS.

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