Ten Comics to Grab On Free Comic Book Day

Ten Comics.jpgThis Saturday, May 6th, is Free Comic Book Day a.k.a. one of the best geekified days of the year!! I look forward to Free Comic Book Day every year because it’s an awesome way to load up on comics to read for weeks (or months depending on how many you score) to come. Yet again, I’ll be mostly unable to take part in the festivities. I intended to ask for May 6th off work, but of course, I forgot to mark our department’s calendar until too late.

Sigh. Next year, I’ll get to take part. Next year, for sure.

As it is, my very kind mother will be checking the local comic book shop for me since the best I’ll be able to do is run to the downtown shop on my lunch break. (The downtown shop is not my local comic shop so it doesn’t really count in these matters.) If I have time to take pictures, I will–otherwise just expect a comic haul next week.

In case you–unlike me–are able to check out your local shop this Saturday, I concocted a list of ten of the coolest comics to keep an eye out for. (Also, if you don’t know where to find a shop hosting an event, check out this handy-dandy Store Locator.)

Ten Comics to Grab On Free Comic Book Day



Betty & Veronica #1 / Boom Studios Summer Blast / I Hate Image / Doctor Who / Fresh Off the Boat / Buffy the High School Years/Plants Vs. Zombies / Briggs Land/James Cameron’s Avatar / All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 / DC Superhero Girls Summer Olympus / Tokyo Disney’s Descendants (Manga)

There’s quite a variety of comics this year, but as always, I’m most excited for Boom! Studios Summer Blast. I adore compilation comics, and theirs always has a fantastic assortment of short stories. I’m also weirdly psyched about the Disney’s Descendant‘s manga. I still haven’t watched the TV movie (something I’ll have to remedy soon), but there’s no way I’m going to miss that issue.

As for a comic that might be suspiciously missing from my list, well, I think I’ll just stick with avoiding Secret Empire like it’s a rotten banana for now.

You should also know that, according to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets‘ Twitter account, there will be a new Valerian comic tomorrow. It’s not listed on the Free Comic Book Day website so I’m not entirely certain how easy it will be to find (which is why I didn’t include it in my list). If you do come across it, I highly recommend picking that up too!

Oh, one more thing before you go, here’s my list in a shiny and simple image in case you need a little reminder tomorrow!

Betty & Veronica #1Boom Studios Summer BlastI Hate ImageDoctor WhoFresh Off the BoatBuffy the High School Years%2FPlants Vs. ZombiesBriggs Land%2FJames Cameron’s AvatarAll New Guardians of the Galaxy #1DC Superher (1).jpg

So what are you hoping to pick up on Free Comic Book Day?


10 thoughts on “Ten Comics to Grab On Free Comic Book Day

  1. Ha! I know you got 13 issues 😉 So it seems your mother could take a lot of comics for you 😉 Also, just a lunch break to make it to the comic book store looks grim. I’m glad I had a free day!

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