Cozy Fall Knits {10 Free Patterns!}

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It tends to be freezing in the library where I work year round. In the Summer, it might be ninety degrees outside, but I’m wearing leggings and a heavy cardigan and still shivering. In the Fall and Winter, it just gets worse. I’ve been knitting fingerless mittens all Summer to prepare myself for the oncoming frigidness.

Now that it is getting into that prime yarn-crafting season again, I’ve been lurking on Ravelry and Pinterest looking for some new cozy projects to tackle this Fall. I think I’m going to need a warm shawl to keep at my desk (sometimes the window by my desk freezes over with ice because it’s so cold). Maybe I’ll cast-on my second pair of (super thick) socks or finally tackle a Weasley sweater. Anything to keep me–a person who wears gloves in sixty degree weather–from freezing in my much colder office.

If you’re like me and are looking for some projects to keep you busy and warm while you’re trying out all the new Fall shows or sitting at your desk, I rounded up a list of ten, free patterns.

Cozy Knits for Fall

  • Tidblad ~ Shawls seem to be nice, medium-sized projects (perfect for those, like me, who are still super intimidated by knitting an article of clothing that will only possibly fit).
  • Miss Marple Scarf ~ I’ve knitted this pattern twice, and who knows, I’ll probably make it again. It’s easy yet interesting and I can’t wait to channel an Agatha Christie character once the weather turns even colder.
  • Pumpkin Tea Cozy ~ Not going to lie. This project speaks to me.
  • Apothecary Cuffs ~ Outlander inspired knitting patterns tend to be gorgeous without exception. These cuffs were my first proper, knitting project on dpns and I love them. (Even if I made some mistakes with the pattern. Oops.)
  • Harry Potter Scarf ~ It’s the time of year to show your House Pride with a hand-knit scarf.
  • Josh’s Link Hat ~ In case you need a last minute(ish) Halloween costume.
  • Yoked Skirt With Pockets ~ I’ve wanted to make this skirt since I started knitting. It has POCKETS!
  • Hedgehogs ~ I’ve never knit amigurumi, but these hedgies might convince me to try.
  • Proud Puppy Sweater ~ The Gert would hate me if I knitted this for her, but she’d be adorable in it!
  • My Cup of Tea Socks ~ Knit on dpns (score!) and relatively simple looking. This are definitely in my queue.

What’s your favorite cozy accessory to knit for Fall?


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