A Rainy, Autumn Afternoon Playlist

A Rainy Autumn Afternoon Playlist.jpgAutumn’s my favorite time of year. I love heavy sweaters, hand-knit hats, and steaming mugs of spiced tea. The return of TV series, my beloved electric blanket, and library book sales only add to the elure. There’s simply this knitted/rustic/plaid aesthetic to Fall that appeals to me, and lately, it’s put me in the mood to listen to twangy, acoustic music when I’m writing. It makes me feel like I’m working in a shabby chic coffee house that serves pour-overs in tin mugs and has artistic jack o’lanterns on the counter.

I’ve created a playlist that satisfies that fantasy and gets me in the mood for blogging about pumpkin recipes and writing stories about college students working in coffee shops. 

Rainy, Autumn Day Playlist.jpg


What music puts you in the mood for Fall?


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