Let’s Chat About: Blogging, Creativity, and Trying New Things

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So, this year’s been a bit of a rough one. Just thought I’d preface this post with that fact. I haven’t exactly been keeping up with Readerly Geek on a regular basis. My own expectations are the culprit for that. I tend to get one thing stuck in my head (like having to have two blog posts up every week or having a proper niche), and when I can’t do that thing, I sort of self-destruct. It doesn’t help that I’ve also been trying very, very hard to psyche myself up for starting a secondary blog–one for essays and the like that I can use for proper writing examples *if* I ever decide to apply to writing jobs. Of course, to be able to write essays for that future and non-existent blog, I need to get over some of the hang-ups I’ve acquired about my writing (that English degree was a doozy). Until that long-distant time, I want to keep writing and sharing my work. Readerly Geek can’t just fade of into the sunset because, when I’m not writing or commenting, I miss putting my thoughts into typed words and I miss all of you.

Starting now, I’m going to try cutting back to one post a week and see if that helps me keep my sanity. In addition to that second blog, I want to try some new projects and cutting back on writing posts will give me the opportunity to pursue a possible podcast and play around with filming vlogs. (You might finally get to hear my voice. I’ll try to keep it out of Minnie Mouse octaves!) I feel like it’s time for me to try new things again. It’s been too long since I’ve experimented with new forms of creativity.

Have you ever just felt like you’ve been too complacent? It wasn’t until the last couple of months that I realized I’ve been struggling with complacency all year. I’d never had a proper adult job before last Fall and I feel like, now, not having to hustle with used book selling, subbing, and crafting has made me stop reaching for new goals. I’m not the sort of person who is just happy putting in her hours and lazing her free time away. I want to be productive. I want to be doing cool things. Hopefully, before the end of 2016, I can start doing those cool things again.

It helps that I got a iPad Air 2 over Summer. Now, I have access to a halfway decent camera and Garageband. I haven’t used Sophie (the iPad’s name) much yet, but I’m going to make it my goal to, at least, get one video filmed, edited, and shared before the end of the month. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me talk about, let me know. Right now, I just can’t work up the enthusiasm to record a “Reading Wrap-Up” or something along that lines. I want to have fun with the video, but I’m not entirely certain what would entail yet.

As for a podcast, alas! The problem with podcasting is that it seems so much harder to do by yourself. I adore listening to podcasts though so I’m challenging myself to try it this year. Whether I get someone to take a chance on me and include me in their podcast or start my own, remains to be seen. Has anyone else started a podcast? How on earth did you do it?!?!

We’ll see what these last couple months of 2016 bring. I want to write, I want to share things I create, I want to try new ways of expressing myself. When I get there, I’ll just be sure Readerly Geek is around so I can share those things with all of you.

Thanks for hanging around!

Have you been struggling with being creative this year? Are there any new projects you’ve been  dreaming of?


10 thoughts on “Let’s Chat About: Blogging, Creativity, and Trying New Things

  1. Good luck on reaching all your goals! I have so much respect for people who vlog because I could never do that myself! I’m sure they’ll turn out great!

  2. Oh my days, I’m so with you on the lackluster blogging. I kept looking for ideas of how to make my blog more viral or appealing to readers (I write and want to publish books), but it’s hard to balance that with work and whatever else life throws at me. I’ve tried to take a step back and chillax on that front, because otherwise I feel like my creativity is stunted. A lot of it is patience and acceptance of personal imperfections–two things I’m working on. 😛

    1. I’ve definitely noticed that the more pressure I put on myself the more my creativity dies. I’ve been trying to lower my expectations with blogging and with my fiction writing. I’m trying to have fun with creating again–which is a surprisingly hard thing to relearn.

  3. Full time jobs are terrible for my creative drive! I’m always too tired at the end of the day to put effort into anything creative. If you want to chat about making videos though, I’ve been doing them for 5 years! Still kinda mediocre but I’ve learned to find the fun in being in front of the camera. Good luck in your endeavors! ❤

  4. Haha…I must confess that I’m pretty happy when I get a blog post up every 2 weeks, although I recently made the decision to start my site completely over. 😛 It’ll probably end up biting me in the bum – but hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my plans for it this time around. 🙂

    As for the whole creativity issue, I wish I knew what to say to help you out – I’m still trying to figure out how to keep mine going and to figure out the best way to express it.

  5. Wow, keep it up! I’ve had so many stuff going on this year too, and it seems that I can’t never finish my blogging goals 😦 I also tried a podcast once, but it takes too much time 😦 Good luck and always try your best! ❤

  6. I think starting a podcast would be awesome! I had contemplated starting one of the fiction story-telling variety (that may or may not have been vaguely inspired by Welcome to Nightvale), but never got around to writing more than a first draft of the first script. I’ve niched myself so far into blogging that other mediums are kind of terrifying!

    One of the things that I’ve found most helpful (for myself) is brainstorming a list of themes and then building post ideas off that theme. So like, October is rolling around, which means I’m really looking forward to digging into some horror novels and coming up with spooky content!

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