{Make It Nerdy} Cubicle Inspiration

{Make It Nerdy}

I have two desks: One at the library and one at home. My home office desk is VERY representative of who I am as person. It’s filled with Funko Pops (ones from Harry Potter, Jupiter Ascending, and Crimson Peak) Lord of the Rings candles, and Star Wars art. My desk at work, on the other hand, is decorated with my least favorite Funkos, and other random things.

If you saw my desk at work, you’d think I was a huge Marvel and The X-Files fan. Neither of those things are true (no more X-Files for me, at least, after that horrible event series!).

I’ve really been getting the bug to spruce up my library desk so I feel more at home there. The only problem is that I don’t want to spend much money on redecorating. Basically, I’m hoping to mostly use items I have at home to fix up my cubicle, but we’ll see how that goes.

During my brainstorming process, so far, I’ve been lurking on Pinterest and Polyvore searching for inspiration. I like themes so I’m trying to get an idea of how I want everything to look when I’m finished. I’ve made a few “Cubicle Inspiration” round-ups to get the creative juices flowing. I thought I’d share them with all you–you know, in case you’re getting the designer bug too. And if you have any awesome ideas, let me know! We can brainstorm together. Teamwork’s how I ended up with a rocking Christmas desk this past winter.

{Make It Nerdy} Cubicle Inspiration

A Very Nerdy Girl Desk


Likes Pink


A Very Bookish Desk


Quirk-i-fied Desk


How do you decorate your desk (whether at home or at work)?

2 thoughts on “{Make It Nerdy} Cubicle Inspiration

  1. I don’t have a desk at home, just one at work! My desk is filled with Pops and other nerdy things like artwork and pins!

  2. These are all fantastic! I want all the desk things! Currently my home desk is my work desk, but I really need to get better at keeping the clutter at bay.

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