Lazy Day Summer Reads

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Thanks to my Harry Potter Reread, my summer reading is more ambitious than usual. Last year, I mostly contented myself with binging X-Men comics and picking up the stray YA here and there. This year, unfortunately, I’m trying to get through 4,100 pages of Harry Potter while still reading other books in-between for flavor. It’s not tremendously fun, but I know I’ll be glad that I forced myself through it when I finally have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in my hands.

Or, at least, I hope I will be. Some of those spoilers are bonkers.

Either way, none of that means I’m not dreaming of beach reads, cozy mysteries, and trashy biographies. (I’ve been so tempted to make myself a non-Potter summer TBR, but I know better than to tempt myself.) Still, I figure others are living the dream this summer and reading all the page turners and mass market paperbacks they desire. Since I can’t be among you, I figured I might as well make a list of lazy day summer reads to share instead. These are absolutely the sort of books I’d be reading if it wasn’t for this dratted Harry Potter Reread.

Lazy Day Summer Reads



Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart

I adore Miranda Hart. It’d probably be really difficult to read this memoir if you haven’t watched any of the TV show, Miranda, but if you have, it’s absolutely hilarious to read about Miranda Hart’s real life misadventures. Bonus: It’s very relatable for awkward nerds!




Starter for 10 by David Nicholls

I had to include David Nicholls on here somewhere. A lot of you might be familiar with the film Starter for 10 (with James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, AND Dominic Cooper), and this is the book it was adapted from. It’s essentially about college students competing in a University Challenge competition–which is not usually my sort of thing–but it’s endearing like any of Nicholls’ work. Fun Fact: If you’re checking it out of the library, it *might* be called Question of Attraction. That’s the title on my cover. They didn’t use the original title for us Americans until after the film came out.




Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

Okay, I might be doing a movie/TV theme unintentionally. I know tons of people love Miss Fisher’s Mysteries. I’ve only watched the pilot, but I still enjoyed reading the first book in the series it was based on. There’s plenty of sumptuous costume changes and dreamy details in this Australia-based mystery series. It’s the perfect read for rainy afternoons.






The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

There’s something about The Neverending Story that seems summery to me. Maybe, it’s the 80s soundtrack I hear playing in my head as I read the book. Who really knows?






I Capture the Castle by Dottie Smith

Coming of age? In a castle? I don’t know that it gets much more “Cozy Summer Reading” than that. Also, if you haven’t seen the adaptation, track it down! It has a very young and strapping Henry Cavill in it.






Sorcery and Cecelia (or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot) by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer

There’s a very special place in my heart for fantasy novels set in the Regency period. There’s nice gowns, Austen-esque wooing, and magic! I particularly like that this series is written in epistolary form. It’s a quick but immersive read!






Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling

I never expected to like reading comedic memoirs, but Why Not Me? is fantastic. As comedians go, Mindy Kaling is one of my favorites. I have been terrible at keeping up with her show, The Mindy Project since it moved to Hulu Plus, but I will catch up. . .eventually. If you want to know what it’s like to run a TV show and be friends with B. J. Novak., this one’s for you.





Hark a Vagrant! By Kate Beaton

Literary and historical comics. READ IT NOW!







Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

One last mystery before I’m through. Peters’ series is about a Victorian lady, Egypt-enthusiast who fights crime and falls in love. Basically, the entire thing is very entertaining and fun.




What sort of books do you like reading in the summer? Have anything exciting on your summer TBR?


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