Inside the Theme: Craftamageddon

Inside the Theme

Almost every month, the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club shares prompts based on their theme for the month. I’ve been wanting to answer some of these Inside the Theme questions for awhile, but I’ve completely forgotten to do it!

Well, not so this time around! The theme for June is Craftamageddon (which is a fantastic word) and I answered all of the prompts. If you’d like to join in on Inside the Theme too, you can find out more on IGGPPC’s blog. If you do the prompts, let me know your answers too!

Inside the Theme: Craftamageddon

1)What is your favorite type of craft, and why is it so amazing?

I love crocheting, but right now, I’m all about knitting. I’m still fairly beginner-level when it comes to knitting so I really appreciate that you can make gorgeous things without being super advanced. I also love that it’s a very easy craft to take with you–which is great because I drag my projects with me when I visit my grandma or need something to work on during my lunch break.

2)What would your preferred weapon in the Craftamageddon be?

Metal knitting needles. Or maybe wooden. It depends whether we’re dealing with crafty vampires or artsy zombies.

3)Where on a scale from “Look At This Pair Of Shoes I Just Made” to “What Do You Mean You Own A Pair Of Scissors?” do you consider yourself? Do you have any funny craftastrophe stories?

I’m probably closer to the “What do you mean you own a pair of scissors?” end of the spectrum–mostly because I’m not super varied when it comes to crafting. I knit, crochet, and am learning how to cross stitch. If you put me near scissors and a sewing machine though, I’m sunk.

As for my worst craftastrophe, it, not surprisingly, has to do with sewing.

When you’re homeschool, most fellow homeschoolers take for granted that you’re very good at homemaking skills, like sewing and cooking. In highschool, I took a class on quilting through my homeschool co-op and it was an unmitigated disaster. I had never used a sewing machine in my life (unlike every other student in the class) and had never even seen a quilt pattern before. The teacher, assuming we were all old hats at this, assigned us insanely complicated squares to work on week by week without telling us how to make them.

I couldn’t even sew in a straight line so you can guess how well that went.

Beyond that, I was using my great-grandma’s sewing machine which was made for sterner stuff than modern day thread. The bobbin kept breaking the thread and it took me eight frustrating hours to get even a portion of my square done.

Finally, we broke down and bought a new machine, but things didn’t get any easier until my teacher realized I had no idea what I was doing. She effectively put me in “Remedial Quilting” and set me to sewing strips of fabric together. It was still awful, but at least, I wasn’t in tears constantly.

By the end of that class, I swore I would never quilt again and I haven’t in the eleven years since. I still have the quilt though and it looks as just slapdash as you might expect from someone unskilled in quilting and burning with fury at how awful her class on quilting was.

 4) 3 Things You Would Bring To A Deserted Island, Craftamageddon style! (Because why wouldn’t you bring a glue gun and washi tape as opposed to survival necessities and loved ones?)

If LOST taught me anything, it’s that tarps are important. I’d definitely bring yards and yards of waterproof fabric, some needles (good for mending clothes and bodies), and scissors (can be both practical and a weapon!).

5)Show us a DIY project you are (sort of mildly) proud of

I’ll show you one of my most recent projects because I think it came out so well. It’s a Miss Marple Scarf and I’m just super impressed that I managed to knit keyholes. I made Outlander inspired arm warmers recently too (my first larger project on dpns), but I made a big mistake on them so they’re staying out of pictures!


What are you crafting right now?


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