Summer To-Do List

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Summer is not my season. I hate shorts, swimming, and the mugginess that makes my hair frizzy. I always tend to get depressed in the summer too–which is a joy. (I’m the opposite of those people who get depressed in winter.) Fall is my season, but it, unfortunately, still a couple months out.

Since summer is three months I have to get through, I’m trying to find some things to enjoy amidst the heat and sun. I’m wearing my Dalek dress out shopping, taking little walks to get coffee in the sunshine on my lunch breaks, and seeing loud movies in air conditioned theaters.

Thanks to Mariko at Gamer Wife, I remembered that I like to do proper “Summer To-Do Lists” every year. I racked my brain for some things I’d really like to get done this summer and came up with nine things. Some are fun and some are productive. Either way, I hope they help keep off some of the summer blues and help me enjoy this sweltering season at least a little bit.    

Summer To-Do List

  1.  Try a new coffee shop ~ Downtown, where I work, there are three coffee shops. I’ve only been to one of them. This is not acceptable.
  2. Read One Summery Book ~ I don’t do beach reads often, but I do want to read one properly summery book this year. It’ll probably be a YA with sunshine and shorts on the cover, but anything on a “Best Beach Reads” list will do.
  3. Join a Book Club (Either Online or In Person) ~ I’ve tried to join one book club in my life. It was a YA one that I thought would be a good fit. It was not–thanks to the fact that all the other people in it were children’s and youth librarians. I want to give book clubs another chance, but I’ll probably ease myself into it this time with an online-based club. If you have any recommendations for good ones, let me know!
  4. See Summer Movies ~ I’ve been good about getting out to the theater this year, and I plan to continue that viewing streak through the summer. Movies on the top of my to-see list are:
    • The BFG
    • The Secret Lives of Pets
    • Ghostbusters
    • Star Trek Beyond
    • Suicide Squad
    • Pete’s Dragon
  5. Start a Rewatch/Recap ~ I’ve been meaning to start a recap/rewatch all year, but when I get to the point where I have to choose a show, I have a panic attack. I fully intend to conquer this weird anxiety I have about doing recaps soon.   
  6. Try Boba Tea ~ Okay, I’ve been wanting to try boba tea for over a year but the Midwest hasn’t been cooperating with me. I recently found out from a coworker that a local shop serves it. I will finally be able to satisfy my curiosity and pretend I’m in an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  
  7. Knit a Pair of Socks ~ This is possibly the least summery activity ever, but I WILL knit a pair of socks before fall! 
  8. Visit a New Restaurant ~ There’s this place near me that serves fancy, gluten free tacos. I’ve never had a fancy taco. It’d definitely be an adventure to try one.
  9. Find More Comics to Read ~ All of the comics I was reading in the spring finished their runs. Right now, the only two books I’m reading are Green Arrow and Goldie Vance (which is almost over!!). I’d like to add more comics to my pull list. 

What’s on your Summer To Do List? Are there any book clubs, comics, or summer reads you’d recommend?


13 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List

  1. Ooo.. what’s Boba Tea? That sounds fascinating. I have this image of Boba Fett in a dressing gown drinking tea through a straw with his pinky out. Please tell me this is for reals?

  2. Sounds like a summer of discovery!!! I was never able to find a good book club either which is why my two best friends and I started our own and we’re finally following through with it!! We had attempted it a few years back but the first book we read was so bad that none of us felt like talking about it lol! It jinxed us until we decided to give it another go last year.

    1. That’s fun you have a club with your friends! I’ve been scouting around Goodreads looking for an online group, but there are just so many choices. I’ll probably have to try a couple and see which one sticks!

  3. New coffee shops are always good and I think joining a book club would be fun too. There is one around here but with blogging I just kinda stick to that, but I’ve thought a few times about joining- they do seem to read the right stuff. 🙂 Good luck with finding one and with your other goals too!

    1. Thanks! There are a lot of book clubs around me, but most of them seem to read the most traditional “Book Club Books”–which is fine, but I’d like something maybe a bit more interesting!

  4. Good luck with your goals! I’m also knitting socks this summer, but I’m cheating and making ‘yoga socks’ which don’t have a heel or toes. I figured it was a safe place to start.

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