{Bookish Knits} Free Fantasy Sock Patterns

the (2).jpgMy adventures in knitting hit a plateau this year. I taught myself how to knit on dpns around Christmastime, but I haven’t picked up needles since February when I FINALLY finished a scarf for my dad. (That scarf was supposed to be done in time for Christmas. Oops.)

I have been crocheting and cross stitching in the meantime, but my fingers have been itching to get back into knitting. I want to learn how to do some more difficult patterns this year. I thought, maybe, I’d try working on a sweater over the summer (most likely Harry Potter-related), but that seemed a bit imposing for someone who’s never made a wearable that wasn’t a hat. Socks, then, seemed like a better entry point into the world of knit clothes. I bought sock needles ages ago, but I haven’t used them yet. Hopefully, that won’t be true for long.

Because I’m me, I’ve been scouting out geeky sock patterns on Ravelry. I am not amazed at the amount of sock patterns based on fantasy book series, but I am pleased. I fully intend to start one of these patterns this month. I will keep you all updated on whether I’m successful  or whether I’m forced to quit in rage.

Free Fantasy Sock Patterns    

  • Mirkwood ~ All things (like heels) considered, this pair of The Hobbit-inspired socks looks relatively simple to knit. They’re first in my queue to attempt–both because they’re Tolkien-related and because they look less scary to make then some others I’ve come across.
  • Aragorn ~ Aragorn might not be my favorite Lord of the Rings character, but this pair of socks is gorgeous and cable-y.
  • Smaug ~ If I were to make these, it would totally be with gold yarn.
  • Neldoreth ~ I still haven’t finished The Silmarillion (so I don’t get the reference. . .yet), but this is one beautiful pair of socks.
  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks ~ If there is one fictional character (other than Dumbledore) who has knitting patterns named after them, it makes sense it’s Hermione.
  • Dumbledore’s Christmas Stockings ~ Oh yes, and speaking of Dumbledore. . .
  • House Targaryen Socks ~ Mother of Dragons socks right here! These are on my wishlist to knit, but there is absolutely no way I’m going to attempt a dragon scale effect my first time out.
  • Melisandre ~ Of course, these will have to be knit in red. There’s really no other option when it comes to Melisandre.
  • House Greyjoy Socks ~ As of A Clash of Kings, the Greyjoys are not my favorite people. Give me Stark or those Targaryen socks instead!
  • Buttercup’s Heroes ~ I didn’t expect to find a pair of socks inspired by The Princess Bride, but it’s fantastic that that’s a thing that exists.

Have you knit socks before? Is it as intimidating as it seems?


2 thoughts on “{Bookish Knits} Free Fantasy Sock Patterns

  1. I have a friend who knits nothing but socks, but I’m still too scared to try. Turning a heel just seems like witchcraft to me.

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