Monthly Round-Up {May}

Monthly Round-Up.jpgI spent a good deal of May trying to get through A Clash of Kings and watching Haven fanvids on Youtube (for reasons). There was my birthday too–which I celebrated by eating burgers, going to the zoo, and watching a bunch of movies. Embarrassingly, I also spent my birthday weekend reading one of the worst books ever: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. “Why did I read The Choice?” You might well ask. Well, my mom and I have ironically watched every Nicholas Sparks movie ever made–except Message in a Bottle. In May, we watched The Choice together and surprisingly neither of us hated it. The only thing we didn’t care for was “The Choice” aspect of the plot. In the movie, there didn’t seem to be much of a choice per say so I took it upon myself to read the book to understand the second half of the movie. I’d say I made a huge mistake, BUT the book was so horrifically horrible that it was delightful. I made my mom read the book too, and she hated it as I did–which was gratifying. We’ve been thinking about starting a mother/daughter book club, and we *might* have decided to satisfy our curiosity and focus on Nicholas Sparks’ books for the foreseeable future. (It’s either that or books about the Royal Family.)

In other news, I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t go to the theater once in May. I’d thought about seeing Captain America and The Jungle Book, but my general ambivalence toward both films kept me home. I will, however, be seeing Independence Day: Resurgence in June so my average should be a bit better next month. Also, a theater near me is showing Love & Friendship so I’ll be tackling my issues with that movie and seeing it on the big screen. I know it’s been getting good reviews, but my expectations are currently low since I realized Whit Stillman directed and wrote Damsels in Distress (which I loathed). We’ll see.

In other things that interested me in May: 

  • Miranda ~ The final season of Miranda FINALLY went up on Hulu Plus and I devoured it in one sitting. The show ended better than I ever expected, and now, I’m terribly sad it’s over. If you haven’t watched anything with Miranda Hart, you’re missing out. She’s a treasure.
  • The Trailer for No Tomorrow ~ Shirtless Galavant in a lady led series. What more needs to be said?
  • New Romancer ~ I binged the entire run of New Romancer in May, and I both loved it and was frustrated with it. Basically, it’s the story of a tech wiz who inadvertently brings Byron, Casanova, and. . .others. . .back to life. The wiz has a huge crush on Byron–which could have been fun but wasn’t? Basically, I expected more making out and was sorely disappointed. Bonus Points for Ada Lovelace though.
  • Leading Lady ~ Have you watched Leading Lady on Netflix? Well, you should because it’s charming and stars Morgana from Merlin.
  • Jordandené Tanks ~ I ordered two mystery tanks from Jordandené in April, but they arrived in May so I’m counting them here. The mystery tanks I received were Harry Potter and A Game of Thrones themed–which is all I could have ever wanted. I’ve already worn the Harry Potter one a bunch, and I’m waiting for hotter weather to break out the GoT one (I don’t have a cardigan that looks great with salmon). I’m hoping a shirt-of-the-month will speak to me soon so I’ll have an excuse to get another awesome tank for Summer.  

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 What’s the worst book you’ve read lately?


7 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up {May}

  1. The Choice was my favorite Nicholas Sparks book several years ago. I didn’t have interest in the adaptation though. You’ve seen/read one of his works, you’ve sorta seen them all. A mother-daughter book club sounds really cute though! 🙂

  2. The worst series i have read was the Dorothy Must Die books by Danielle Paige. I just couldn’t get into them and I think it was such a butchering of the Wizard of Oz series.

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