10 Quirky (and Free) Crocheted Accessory Patterns for Spring

theThe crochet bug bites me in the Spring. For the last three years, I’ve been spending my Falls and Winters wild with projects thanks to getting prepped for Christmas on Etsy and making gifts. I’m always burned out by December 26th, and it takes until March or April for me to recover.

This year went pretty much the same–except I actually closed my Etsy shop in January because I needed to break COMPLETELY with crochet for awhile. With my new-found freedom, I taught myself to cross stitch and finished a knitting project that I’d been lollygagging on since November.

It’s just recently that I’ve been ready to get back into crocheting. I made my cousin a stuffed Hobbes and am working to get my shop open again (this time with a lot of patterns to save my hands). I’ve also been collecting potential patterns to try on Pinterest and Ravelry and am hoping to teach myself some new skills this year–which will be especially useful since I’m the “Crochet Expert” at our library’s Yarn Lover’s group.

If you’re like me and looking to get (back) into crocheting, here are some fun Spring-y patterns to try:

The Patterns  

  • Camera Satchel Bag ~ If I didn’t already have a plan in place for my Modcloth-loving cousin’s birthday, I’d be whipping this up for her. It’s adorably retro!
  • Fox Brooch ~ I adore brooches in theory, but I don’t wear them as much as I’d like to. This Spring, I need to change that. My work clothes need serious quirky-fying.
  • Mini Granny Square Tech Case ~ So, granny squares are crazy fun to make. I taught myself how to crochet them last month, and I’m already plotting all the projects!
  • Mini Pineapple (Pin or Earrings) ~ Mini pineapples might be more Summer-y than Spring-y, but they can brighten up an outfit any time of the year (or so I say).
  • Camera Coin Purse ~ There’s something about retro cameras that I adore.
  • Rainbow Pouch ~ My one experience with sewing zippers did not work out very well. Maybe this year, I’ll finally crack it and make a change purse.
  • Granny Shawl ~ This pattern’s been in my Ravelry queue forever. Once I settle on colors, I need to finally give it a chance.  
  • Peter Pan Collar ~ I Heart Peter Pan Collars.
  • Seagull Cotton Shawl ~ Not in English, but the Google Translation of the pattern didn’t look too convoluted (surprisingly). The designs seems fairly straightforward anyway–with just a few zigs and zags.
  • Retro Caravan Keyring ~ Another pattern not in English. The design looks fairly straightforward again so I think, if you have experience crocheting, you’ll be able to figure it out in spite of it claiming to be a pattern of entirely slip stitches.

What have you been crocheting lately?


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