My Funko Wish List

My Funko Wish List

After two months of searching, I’ve finally managed to track down all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Funko Pops I want. Well, not ALL of the ones I want. I’ve given up hope of ever finding an Unmasked Poe Dameron.

Still, with those two collections relatively complete, I’m cutting back on the number of Pops I’m buying. My shelves are getting fairly full and my birthday’s coming up–which means I have to save some toys to add to my b-day list. (Adulting for the win!)

I do have a small list of Pops that I’m *trying* not to buy–at least not yet. Thankfully, none of them seem to be in super high demand so I doubt two or three months will make much of a difference in my ability to find them.

My Waiting on Wish Listjim-gordon-pop{Gotham} Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon has always been loosely on my Wish List, but after I buying a Harvey Bullock Pop for $5 last month, I decided I’d really, really like a Jim to go with him. Once I get him, I’ll have all the released Gotham figures that I want. Then, I’ll can just keep crossing my fingers for a Nymga and maybe even Mr. Freeze Pop to be released.caine-funko-pop{Jupiter Ascending} Caine

If you’ve read any of my Funko-related posts, you’ll probably know that I have a bit of an obsession with Jupiter Ascending and my Queen Jupiter Pop. While Caine isn’t the most interesting figure in the world, he represents that time Channing Tatum played an alien dog person. Is that something I can really pass up?


{Zootopia} Judy Hopps

So, I already have Nick Wilde. I bought him right after seeing Zootopia in the theater. It’s not even surprising at this point that I developed a small crush on the character since we all know Disney foxes are adorable (AND this one’s voiced by Jason Bateman so that doesn’t help). I loved Judy Hopps in her own way, though, too and I’d love to have the pair of them standing together on my shelf.  elizabeth-swan-pop{The Pirates of the Caribbean} Elizabeth Swan

In my home office, I have Queen Jupiter and Princess (ahem, General) Leia standing side by side on my desk. I see my desk as “Strong Lady Themed” so I’d like Elizabeth Swan to join their girl gang. I’m not sold on the other Pirates of the Caribbean Pops so far, but if they ever make Will Turner with his feathered hat or Admiral Norrington, I’ll be all for those!


{The Hobbit} Tauriel

Unfortunately, I’m late to The Hobbit game. Most of the Funko Pops from the trilogy are nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices. The only ones that seem to be readily available are Smaug, Sauron, and Tauriel. Of those three, I’m only interested in the elf. Tauriel is actually my second favorite character from the films. My first favorite is, of course, Thranduil.
Are you curbing your Funko buying? What’s on your wish list?

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6 thoughts on “My Funko Wish List

    1. Yeah, I felt like I went overboard the last couple of months because I had to get all these Batman and Star Wars Pops. It’s hard when new series come out and you want so many of them!

  1. There are far too many on my wishlist to keep track! What I really need is a great way to display them. My tv stand is getting crowded :/ I’m loving the Elizabeth Swan pop though. I too have a “strong female” theme with Irene Adler (Sherlock), Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Moxxi (Borderlands). Love your list!

  2. I don’t have a huge amount of Pops—I’ve got Bilbo, Cap from Winter Soldier, Hermione, Loki and the 10th Doctor…for now. I really want to buy a couple more, like the entire Firefly ‘cast’, and the Beauty & the Beast ones, and the Buffy ones. So okay, not really a couple! I also really, really need the Dorbz Batgirl one because BATGIRL.

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