Getting Sorted on Pottermore & 11 Harry Potter Knits

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Last week, I officially got sorted into a Hogwarts House on Pottermore, and guess what? I’m a Slytherin!


I’d say it was totally unexpected, but I’ve been sorted into Slytherin before. I actually went to the release of The Deathly Hallows as a Slytherin–complete with green robe–much to the dismay of my friends. They’re probably Gryffindors. I  wouldn’t have expect them to understand.

What’s funny is that I read this Toast post right before getting sorted. It made me feel just fine about my House. I’m not the only Slytherin with slight Hufflepuff tendencies either–which is nice.

For the longest time, I did claim to be a Ravenclaw but reading Emily Asher-Perrin’s Harry Potter Reread on made me 100% certain that wasn’t the case. I’m bookish, but I actually think I’d find most Ravenclaws insufferable if I was stuck with them day in and day out at Hogwarts.

So, yeah, Slytherin’s probably a good match for me.


Since I’m changing which House I claim to be a part of, I should probably get to knitting myself a new House Scarf. I’ve been meaning to make myself one for years and now is as good as time as any to break out the silver and green yarn!

If you like Harry Potter and knitting too, you should check out the free patterns I rounded up below. There’s a lot for the Gryffindors among you, but there’s somethings for the Slytherins too.

Harry Potter Knits

  • Godric’s Hollow Hat ~ Based off of Hermione’s beanie in The Deathly Hallows Part 1 film, the design on this hat looks fairly simple yet elegant.
  • Neville’s Sweater ~ This sweater looks amazing. It’s WAY too complicated for me, but if you’re a hardcore knitter/Potterhead, I dare you to try it!
  • A Practical Animal Cracker Hat ~ The quirky hat Ron wears in Prisoner of Azkaban is awesome and, now, you can make one for yourself and a friend!
  • Hermione’s Fingerless Gloves ~ Inspired by a hat Hermione’s wears in The Half-Blood Prince, these gloves are gorgeous (and perfect if you–like me–work in a freezing library).
  • Lupin Scarf ~ Lupin is my favorite character and I adore the look of cables. This pattern’s, obviously, in my queue.
  • Hogwarts Scarf ~ A Gryffindor House scarf is the first thing I ever knitted for myself. It looked horrible. Someday, I need to make a replacement.
  • Hermione Hearts Ron ~ Another item based off of something Hermione wears! I feel this means Hermione has good taste in hats and such.
  • Weasley Cell Phone Cozy ~ A cellphone cozy that looks like a Weasley sweater? Why wouldn’t this be something you’d want?
  • Knitted Potter Puppet Pals (Hermione and Ron) ~ In spite of everyone saying they won’t work out as a couple, you can prove them all wrong by acting out stories with your very own Puppet Pals.
  • Hogwarts Muggle Mitts ~ If you’re a beginning knitter, these House color fingerless mittens are a good starting point!
  • Pygmy Puffs ~ Because why not make your own fuzzy companion!

Have you taken the new Pottermore Quiz? Which House did you expect to get sorted into? Which one are you actually in?

Image Source: Home of the Nutty & Gif Sources: X and X


7 thoughts on “Getting Sorted on Pottermore & 11 Harry Potter Knits

  1. You made me wonder what house I’d be if I were in Harry Potter. I searched for pottermore quiz and something on goto quiz came up with 30 questions. Answering the questions as accurately as I could it put me in Gryphondor lol. I’m not sure how it came up with that based on my multiple choice answers but that’s what I got.

  2. Prior to Pottermore, I struggled with my Hogwarts House identity. I wasn’t really sure where I fit in. I thought maybe Ravenclaw because I’m bookish, and I love learning. It doesn’t always come naturally though, which made me wonder if I would even fit in with Ravenclaws. I kept thinking about math class in high school and my less than Ravenclaw-worthy grades. But then, Pottermore sorted me in to Hufflepuff, and I’m like, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” Perfect fit! The new Pottermore sorting stuck me in Gryffindor, which I couldn’t disagree with more. I’m absolutely a scardy-cat, so…I still consider myself a proud Hufflepuff!

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