The Show that Made Me Want All Its Funkos

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I tried to come up with an answer that would be more surprising for this week’s Funko Fridays post, but I couldn’t. While I have some Doctor Who Pops and some Once Upon a Time Pops, the only show that I’d really, really love to have ALL the Pops from is Gotham.


Yeah, probably not. I’ve been growing my DC Comics collection since Christmas and Selina and Bruce are two of the Pops I’ve added to my collection. They’re absolutely adorable and are currently standing next to each other in a cozy fashion on my bookshelf (partly because Bruce is liable to fall over if not leaning on Selina a little bit).


Since getting those two, I’ve not been actively looking for more Gotham Pops to add to my collection, but I love the show so much that, if I had more room, I’d buy every single one of them. As it is, I know I’ll be getting Penguin if they ever come out with an Edward Nygma figure. This season made me fall in love with the two of them as a pair so, some day, I would love it if they were also standing cozily next to each other on a bookshelf.

Other Pops on my “Gotham Wish List” are Theo Galavan, Jerome (preferably in his Arkham garb), Selina Kyle (either her party dress or with her rocking Fish Mooney hair), Ivy, and maybe even Barbara.

Basically, in my dreams, I’d own all of the characters and about five variants of Selina Kyle.

It’d probably be in my best interest if they didn’t come out with ALL of those because my DC-themed bookshelf only has so much room and there’s a whole lot of Batman V Superman Pops on my other Batman-related wish list. We’ll see how it goes. . .


What television character would you most like to be made into a Pop?

Image Source: & Gif Source: Tumblr



16 thoughts on “The Show that Made Me Want All Its Funkos

  1. I’ve wanted to start collecting the Gotham Pops for so long but I’ve held back because I’m so desperate for an Edward Nygma Pop. But I love the look of Bruce and Selina so much that I may just have to get them!

  2. I love the Gotham pops too! I have a Bruce and a Selina too! I haven’t unboxed them yet (I stopped unboxing because we’re moving soon lol). Bummed to hear one has a lean – I have several others that do this. I’m going to get some ticky tacky and MAKE them stay up! lol

  3. “Bruce is liable to fall over if not leaning on Selina a little bit” — is this, or is this NOT the way they are in real life, also?

    I have this thing wherein I often love everyone in the show more often than the protagonist. Buffy’s squad was more fun and funny than Buffy. Fringe’s protagonist was Olivia Dunham, but I lived for the Bishops and Astrid. And Gotham — well, I cherish Bruce and Jim the least. I know you’re supposed to be rooting for them, but they aren’t as charming!

  4. Aww, I love Gotham! Selina’s so adorable, and while I hated Penguin in season 1, he’s grown on me enough this season to make me reeeeally want his Pop figure. He’s cute…in a deranged sorta way. 😛

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