{Funko Fridays} Show and Tell

HumbleHONEY (2)My Disney Funko collection is very random. I own Mrs. Potts and Chip but not Belle or the Beast. I have Robin Hood but not Prince John or Sir Hiss. I even have Gus in Cinderella’s slipper but nothing else from the live-action movie.

That same randomness goes for my very mini-Frozen collection. I have a set of three little Pops and Coronation Elsa. That’s it. No full-size Olafs or Anna’s grace my shelves. No Svens or Kristoffs.

A lot of that has to do with the paint jobs on the first series of Frozen Pops.

It was very early on in my Funko collecting when that first set was released. I loved the animated film and so was very excited to finally grow my collection with those toys. Unfortunately, once I saw them in the store, I was incredibly disappointed. I thought the colors on all the characters were off. Sven looked muddy, Elsa had weird hair and skin colors, and Anna and Kristoff were just sort of blah. It wasn’t until Funko started releasing variations that I finally picked up my first Frozen Pop.

coronation-elsa-2Boy, she is a lovely one!

Coronation Elsa is one of my all-time favorite Pops. The detail on her gown is amazing–from the embroidered flowers to her golden belt to her cape. Everything about her look is perfect for the character at that point in the film. Her posture is stiff and regal–with none of the sassyness you’d expect from a Pop in the blue dress. I adore the detail on her hair (even if my Pop’s paint job is a little off in that area) and her purple eye shadow too. My favorite bit though is that she has blue streaks in her bun–which makes it look like she has a winter-themed cinnamon roll on the back of her head. It’s an added detail that I find whimsical and cute!

coronation-elsa-3Since buying Coronation Elsa, I’ve been pleased that Frozen keeps having so many choices when it comes to Pops. I’ve been wanting to get Frozen Fever Anna to go with Coronation Elsa, but I could only find her at Hot Topic (where her price was almost $19) until relatively recently. Β She’s high on my to-purchase list because I want to have her and her little snowbuddies standing next to her sister on my shelf.

Β Do you have a favorite Disney Princess Pop?Β Funko Fridays hosted by KimiWho.com and dePepi.com


9 thoughts on “{Funko Fridays} Show and Tell

  1. What a neat feature! The Funko Pops are so cute – I only have a handful of them right now, but I think the next one I want to get is Robin Hood! πŸ˜‰ I was very excited to see your Sven tsum tsum though – tsum tsums, I have more of a collector mentality for. πŸ˜€

    Coronation Elsa is so pretty here – I love the pictures you took too!

  2. I don’t have any Disney Pops, sadly. This variation is so adorable though, I may have to snag one up! I’ve had issues with nearly all of my Funkos’ paint jobs, but I keep buying anyway…I just can’t help it:P

  3. Aww, she’s lovely. The only Disney Pop I have at this point is a flocked Simba (couldn’t resist) but if I start picking up others, I’d definitely want Coronation Elsa in my collection. I love a pop with a good amount of detail and a decent paint job, they’re so pretty. πŸ™‚

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