My Favorite Funko Pops from 2015

My Favorite

Twenty-Fifteen was the year I really started collecting Funko Pops. I bought a few in 2014, but I probably quadrupled that tiny collection last year. Now, I have Pops on my desk, bookshelves, and at work. It’s nice to have them geekifying my life (and I’m looking forward to adding even more to my collection soon).

Since my collection grew so much last year, I wanted to look over all my new additions and pick out five of my favorites to share with you. Everyone has particular Funkos they like for one reason or another so I thought it’d be fun to talk about the one’s that top my most-loved list!

My Favorite Funko Pops from 2015


Chrome Darth Vader (Hot Topic Exclusive)

 While I love anything Darth Vader, I held off on getting the Pop until he was in chrome. The plain black Vader was nice, but the shine just is so appropriate for the character design. I also love the little details on his suit and lightsaber. Really, though, the chrome is the star of this Pop. After seeing The Force Awakens, I keep going back and forth on whether I hope they’ll release a Kylo Ren in chrome too. He’d look very cool with a shiny suit, but it might ruin the the ruggedness of his overall design.


Queen Jupiter

I received Jupiter for Christmas, and wow, she is a beautiful Pop! Her gown and headdress are gorgeous, and I love how the red flowers offset the whiteness of her dress. She stands on her own–which is always a plus for a female Pop–and I especially like the sassy hand on the hip. She’s actually one of my Top Five Favorite Pops of all time so, of course, she’s high on last year’s list! (Side Note: My mom even ordered her online so it was wonderful that the paint job on her is so good.)



I only own one Doctor Who Pop in spite of having a little Doctor Who display on the top of my crochet dresser (the dresser where I keep all of my crocheted toys). My issue with most Doctor Who Pops is that their clothing is a bit boring. Besides the 12th Doctor, they wear mostly brown and tan. They’re cute, but they just aren’t horribly eye-catching. I HAD to get the Dalek Pop though. Daleks are my favorite aliens from the show and the Pop is a perfect cutesy recreation. I adore all of the  meticulous detail and how it just looks a mini-Dalek. It’s a cute, angry, little tin can and I love it!


Stormtrooper Finn (Game Stop Exclusive)

Originally, I bought the plain Finn Pop. It was right after seeing The Force Awakens, and I went straight to Target and purchased him. Thankfully, his head bobble was off and I had to return him. That gave me the opportunity to look around online and see the Stormtrooper Exclusive–which I immediately decided I wanted instead. I’m so glad I have him now. I love the detail on Finn’s stormtrooper suit and the fact that this Pop highlights such an important part of the film (Finn’s decision to run from the First Order). Compared to the original Finn, he stands out so much better on the shelf with that bright white uniform.


Captain Hook

The detail on Hook is amazing–from the buttons on his coat to his shiny hook to his little eyebrow quirk. He’s my favorite Pop by far from Once Upon a Time, but he made my Top Five Funkos list simply because he’s so darn cute and his clothes are so intricately designed. Hook remains in a position of prominence on my shelves because of that. . .in spite of my off and on again feelings about his character and his show.

Do you have any favorite Pops from 2015? 


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Funko Pops from 2015

  1. Queen Jupiter looks amazing! I love how unique she looks compared to some of the other Pops out there. And who doesn’t love Captain Hook?

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