{Funko Fridays} The Funko I Want Most

Funko Fridays

Toward the end of last year, I made the decision to *try* to limit my Funko collecting to three categories:

  1. DC Comics
  2. Disney (Animated Movies in Particular)
  3. Star Wars

At this post, if I don’t at least attempt to limit what I collect, I’ll end up with far more Pops than I have room for. Of course, all that will be easier said than done since there are new Doctor Who and Harry Potter Pops coming out this year! (I’ve already given in to the fact that I will need a Captain Jack Harkness Pop.)

Of the three series I officially collect, Star Wars is going to be the one that does me in. After seeing The Force Awakens, I knew I’d need Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren Pops. So far, of course, I have Stormtrooper Finn, BB-8, and General Leia. Of the three left at the top of my list, Poe is the Funko I most want to add to my collection.

The problem is that I want an Unmasked Poe–which is a Walmart Exclusive.


In my area, Funko Exclusives are hard to come by unless you’re going to a geeky store like Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, or Game Stop. Most of our Walgreens and Walmarts have slim pickings when it comes to Funkos. After I saw The Force Awakens, I checked both Walmarts in my town for Poe. One had plenty of Masked Poes and the other only had a Stormtrooper and Dewback Pop set.

It’s not looking promising.

While I could get a Masked Poe, I sort of feeling like it would be a waste because you can’t really tell who the character is without his hair being visible. To top that off, I don’t really want mutiples of the same character unless it’s my favorite Finn (I’ve only got so much room and I kinda want him with a lightsaber!).


I hope another Unmasked Poe will be released and soon because the likelihood that I’ll be able to track the current one down is probably next to none. Ideally, I’d love one wearing the jacket that Poe gives to Finn. That way they’d look even cuter next to each other on my shelf (with little BB-8 close by their sides).


Is anyone else going a bit crazy about Star Wars Pops? And have any of you had luck with finding Exclusives at Walmart?

Funko Fridays hosted by KimiWho.com and dePepi.com

Image Sources and Gif Source: Smuggler’s Bounty, Amazon, & Tumblr


10 thoughts on “{Funko Fridays} The Funko I Want Most

  1. I want the same! Poe Dameron was my favourite thing about the new Star Wars movie, living in the UK it’s so hard to find an unmasked Poe so I just gave in and bought the masked one. I do hope they release another unmasked Poe soon, like you said! 🙂

  2. I don’t have any Walmart exclusive Star Wars Pops, but I did go to 6 Walgreens in my area to find a Spirit Yoda. haha Oh, and I have both versions of Kylo Ren… which I did by mistake. I occasionally forget what Pops I have and I went on a Star Wars Pop binge when the SWTFA Funko came out last year so I bought a whole bunch of them and forgot which ones.

  3. I kinda hate that they have exclusives at places like Target and Wal-Mart because like yours. mine only has a handful of Pops and never any of the exclusives!

  4. I’m trying to place a limit on my Funko buying too. I definitely need Disney and book related pops (HP, Huger Games etc) but I think I already have most of the superhero ones I want. The only other additions would be if they started releasing more anime characters (I really want the Sword Art Online ones and Sailor Moon is supposed to be happening at some point!)

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