My Top Ten Must See Movies of 2016

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Last year was a good one in film. The sheer amount of movies I saw and loved was WAY higher than it’s been in years. My favorites, of course, were The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, The Visit, and Brooklyn. Most of these weren’t Oscar-worthy movies, but I adored them anyway.

This year looks like it’s, at least, going to be as good if not better. I wish we were getting the sequel to The Force Awakens already, but I’ll settle for Rogue One and a couple of other big box office sequels coming down the line. 

Through making this Top Ten, I actually realized that I haven’t been as excited about a year of film releases in years. I was burned out after that one awful year (2011!) , but after going to see a lot of good movies in the theater in 2015 and just overall rediscovering my love of movies, I’m ready for experiencing new movies and rewatching some old ones in 2016!

My Top Ten Must See Movies of 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence

90’s nostalgia is a thing you’ll not often hear me complaining about–especially when it comes to movies. I loved Jurassic World last year and cannot wait for Independence Day’s sequel this year. I didn’t have super high hopes for the film at first, but the trailer changed all of that. This is definitely #1 on my must-see list.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I loathed Man of Steel and didn’t even make it through the entire film. I had no intention of seeing Batman V Superman until I saw the trailer. The hints at a more campy, gothic tone pulled me in. From the bizarre way that Jesse Eisenberg is playing Lex to the wink-wink jokes between Bats and Supes, I just knew that I’d have to see it.

Suicide Squad

There are a lot of reasons I want to see this film, but the biggest is that I want to see how Margot Robbie plays Harley. Other than that, from the trailer, I’m already liking the tone of the film and am so glad it looks like it will have a sense of humor. I’m over the super grim and dark tone of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and Man of Steel. I’m hoping this film and Batman V Superman will add a bit of lightness to the very dark DC Movie Universe.

Legend of Tarzan

Ever since I watched the trailer for Legend of Tarzan, I’ve been belting out songs from the musical version of Disney’s film (weirdly, it’s the only thing I’ve seen on Broadway). The film looks great plus it has Margot Robbie and a shirtless guy running around (hopefully for a lot of the runtime). I really don’t see what there might be about this film not to like.

Star Trek Beyond

I did not like Into Darkness, but it looks like Star Trek Beyond is going back to a more adventurous and fun tone–which was dreadfully needed. I love the cast of these films so I’ll probably keep going back to them in spite of my better judgement.


A new Disney Princess film! Disney has been bringing it lately very their princesses, and I cannot wait to see their newest addition. After Frozen, I hope that Moana will do just as brilliantly in the theater–especially since it features a diverse lead and cast. Bonus: Dwayne Johnson is voicing one of the main characters.  


Rogue One

After falling head over heels for The Force Awakens, I’m very interested to see the first companion film in the series. A Star Wars “War Film” wasn’t even on my wish list of spin offs, but it’s fantastic that it also features a female lead so I’ll be seeing it regardless. Well, it has “Star Wars” in the title so I’d probably see it if it was about Bantha feeding habits.   


Me Before You

I’m skeptical about whether this film is even coming out this year–particularly in the States, but if it DOES come out, it’s a must see. I love the book (but most definitely not it’s sequel), and I’m so thankful that Sam Claflin was cast as Will. He wasn’t my first choice (that would have been Tom Mison), but he’s perfect anyway. I’m not so sure about Emilia Clarke as Louisa, but I’m willing to see how it goes.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy fighting zombies? Yes, please. I’m so thankful this movie is PG-13 though because I don’t know how my gore-adverse heart would’ve taken this film otherwise. (I’d probably shutting my eyes any time chucks of people went flying.) I also can’t wait to see Matt Smith as Mr. Collins. Now, that is some casting for you!

Hail, Caesar

Since True Grit is one of my favorite films of all time, I’ve told myself that I need to watch more Coen Brothers’ flicks. I’ve not done too well at that so far, but that mini resolution has put Hail, Caesar way up on my to-watch list. Beyond that, it looks beautiful and hilarious and I’m excited to give it a try.

What movies are you most looking forward to this year?

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