{Gift Round-Up} Ten Last Minute Studio Ghibli DIYs


Christmas is just a little over a week away! Are you freaking out yet? Are you excited?


I’m so happy I forced myself to get all my shopping done early this year. In years past, I’d be spending this week figuring out how to finish making all the gifts I hadn’t gotten to yet. It wasn’t necessarily the best way for me to spread Christmas cheer, but when you’re busy, you’re busy!

Still, I completely understand that last minute rush for gifts so, this week, I thought I’d do a round-up of super quick and easy gifts to make. All of them are Studio Ghibli-themed thanks to me having the company on the mind what with my “Great Studio Ghibli Watch Through” coming to a close and all.

Have fun crafting some Totoros and Soot Sprites! And don’t forget to have a Happy Holiday!

 Ten Last Minute Studio Ghibli DIYs

  • Calcifer Plush ~ This is such a cute Calcifer plushie! He looks super easy to make (just a little cutting, sewing, and gluing and you’re done). Bonus: The tutorial says it should only take an hour to complete–which means it can be a VERY last minute gift. 🙂
  • Jiji Purse ~ While it’s more complicated than the Calcifer plush, the Jiji purse looks like it could probably be completed in a long afternoon (provided you’re not unable to figure out how to sew in zippers. . .like me).
  • Soot Sprites ~ Soot Sprites are adorable, and I imagine these pompom sprites could be made into a necklace or key-chain if you’re looking for a fun, little gift.
  • Totoro Pot ~  This isn’t technically a tutorial, but the Totoro pot looks fairly straight forward to make if you have painting skills.
  • Studio Ghibli Mini Stockings ~ Perfect for making into ornaments or fancying up a gift card. There are templates for Totoro, Princess Monoke, No Face, and Soot Sprites!
  • Princess Monoke Amigurumi ~ If you’re a crocheter, this pattern is detailed but small–so it should take TOO, TOO long to whip up.
  • No Face Mittens ~  These might not be great last minute gifts if you’re a slow knitter like me, but I’m sure some of you out there could knit these No Face Mittens up in no time!
  • Jiji Hama Bead Pattern ~ You could either make this Jiji with hama (or perler) beads or you could use the pattern for cross stitching. Either way it would make a cute gift!
  • Totoro Amigurumi ~  Super cute and small Totoro amigurumi!
  • Laputa Stone Necklace ~  I don’t know much about polymer clay, but this looks fairly straightforward to make. It looks very pretty very finished too!

Did you make any geeky gifts this year? 

Image Source: Disney Screencaps & Gif Source: Sibling Cinema


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