{Funko Fridays} The Funkos I Want Most For Christmas


I’m not especially subtle when it comes to things I like. That means I’ve always been a fairly easy person to shop for. When I was a kid everybody bought me animals or Disney-related toys, and when I got older most of my gifts had to do with Lord of the Rings, Batman (or Superman), and Doctor Who.

Now, I’m the adult who loves toys, comics, movies, and TV–which are all pretty well represented in what gifts I’d like for Christmas and what Funkos I would love to have under my tree this year. I know this week’s theme was “The Funko (emphasis on in-the-singular) I Want Most for Christmas,” but I chose my Top Four instead–mostly because I already know I’m getting some of these as gifts. Muhahaha!

The Funko(s) I Want Most for Christmas


Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

These cuties are my favorite characters on Gotham. I ship them like crazy–even though they’re young teenagers–and would love to set these Pops next to each other on my DC-themed bookshelf. They’ll fit right in with Mopeez Batgirl and Black and White Joker.gudetama-with-baconGudetama with Bacon

This whole Gudetama craze is hilarious and completely understandable. My first introduction to the lazy egg was through the Nerdist video about pooping and barfing Gudetama-themed treats. I knew immediately that I’d need some swag. I fully intend to put this little, bacon-wrapped character on my desk at work after the Holidays are over (because of reasons).


Queen Jupiter

Sometimes when I read negative reviews of movies, I know immediately that I’m going to like what the reviewer hated because what’s awful to them is awesome to me. Pan was that way and so was Jupiter Ascending. It’s not a *good* movie, but I enjoyed it thoroughly so I’d love to have a Jupiter Ascending Pop. The Queen Jupiter Pop in particular is amazingly detailed and all around lovely so the contrarian within me wants it for my desk.

If you want to join in on Funko Fridays link-up, check out Kimi and Pepi’s site for more information.

Funko Fridays hosted by KimiWho.com and dePepi.com

What Funko Pops are on your wish list?

Image Sources: Funko, Fugitive Toys


17 thoughts on “{Funko Fridays} The Funkos I Want Most For Christmas

  1. I feel like a grandma for not knowing this Gudetama character! I still haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending but the Queen Jupiter pop is so beautiful!

    1. They’re too adorable! I hope they make more characters soon. I want them to make an Ed Nygma Pop so I can pair him with Penguin. I’ve been loving their weird bromance on the show.

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