{November} Monthly Mini Flicks


I’m disappointed in myself. I didn’t go to the movie theater a single time in November. I had been very good about getting out to see movies, but this month, I had a relapse. I intended to go to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Steve Jobs, Suffragette, and Goosebumps, but none of that happened. I think part of it had to do with the stress of a new job and the rest with the movie reviews only being middling.

December will probably be better. Victor Frankenstein, The Good Dinosaur, The Force Awakens, and Krampus (if I can force my mom to see it with me) are on the agenda. The only bad thing about December is that the youths get out of school for the holidays and start flocking to the theater. I like seeing movies without a bunch of teenagers and college kids hanging around, but I guess I’ll just have to go to those 10:30AM showings to miss them.


On the homefront, I watched quite a few movies this month. None of them especially good, but a few that were quite entertaining all the same. What’s nice is that it’s Christmas movie season–which means that Hallmark and Ion are starting to show holiday movies on the regular. I’ve already seen a movie that had Brandon Routh and cats so this season is already looking up.

In similar news, I thought I’d introduce a new feature filled with mini reviews for the new movies I watch every month. This way, I can keep track of all the weird and wonderful films I’ve discovered and share some movies with you that I otherwise wouldn’t get to blog about.     

This month, I have seven mini reviews, and some of them a for VERY special films.

{November} Monthly Mini Flicks


Jackie and Ryan 

I watched this movie about musicians entirely because I thought it was weird that someone would cast Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes as romantic interests. It wasn’t a great movie (VERY slow moving), and I’m certain my lack of appreciation for bluegrass music didn’t help. Now, I just want to rewatch Country Strong because one thing I do appreciate is Garrett Hedlund.


For some reason, I thought this film was about a man who goes mad on the Moon. That’s not what it’s about. There is a man on the Moon, but it’s not about his descent into madness. I won’t spoil the actual plot (in case, like me, you somehow haven’t seen this movie or it’s trailer), but I will say that it was decent. From all the buzz surrounding the film, I thought it would be a little better, but Sam Rockwell did an excellent job all the same and Kevin Spacey!Bot suitably creeped me out for 3/4ths of the movie.


The Christmas Movie Marathon begins! Last year, my family and I watched the sequel to Nativity! a.k.a. Nativity! Danger in the Manger. That film was hilariously over-the-top and wonderful. It starred David Tennant–which also added to my enjoyment of it. Nativity! itself was funny too but in cuter, more subdued way. Martin Freeman played the lead the first time around and he was just as curmudgeonly as you would expect in a kid’s Christmas movie. The kids were adorable and the music was pretty good. All in all, Nativity! turned out to be a surprisingly good, family Christmas movie.


Mr. Holmes 

This is a very different Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Sherlock’s an older man, dealing with dementia and struggling to remember a particular case from his past. I thought the movie was very lovely, but it did move slowly. It’s not something I would ever watch again, but seeing Ian Mckellen play Sherlock Holmes was a nice enough way to spend one evening.


What We Did On Our Holiday

 Going into this, I thought it would be funny along the lines of the Nativity! movies. It was funny, but wow, it was not what I was expecting at all. There was a big event that happens about halfway through the film that was just something else. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s just too weird not to experience for yourself. If you like the Outnumbered TV show or British humor, definitely give this a shot. (Also, if you need some funny David Tennant in your life after Jessica Jones, this will help!)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 

I know this was adapted from a TV show, but the film would have been 100% better if Napoleon Solo wasn’t a character in the movie. Solo was so boring! Sure, he was played by the gorgeous Henry Cavill but even that couldn’t save the character. Armie Hammer, on the other hand, was his normal charismatic self as Illya. I got somewhat invested in his story and the romantic subplot between him and Gaby, but overall, the film just didn’t stick with me. It was action-heavy and stylised like all of Guy Ritchie’s stuff, but it wasn’t well paced and it lacked much heart. Also, with actors like Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill on the screen, I was shocked that there were no shirtless scenes. Of course, there was a girl in her underwear at one point, but no, the men couldn’t possible take off their shirts!


Slow West 

I didn’t know “Hipster Western” was a film genre that existed. It does, and Slow West falls squarely into that category. Thankfully, the film was incredibly short because I wouldn’t have made it through the emotionless, twee plot otherwise. (There’s a dude wandering around in a gigantic fur coat in this movie–he seriously seemed like a reject from a Wes Anderson film). On the plus side, there was Michael Fassbender. . .so it wasn’t all bad.

Best Movie I Watched This Month in a Gif



What was the best movie you watched in November? Also, would anyone else be interested in joining in with “Monthly Mini Flicks” if I were to make it into a link-up?

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6 thoughts on “{November} Monthly Mini Flicks

  1. I finally made it out to see Mockingjay Part 2 and it was so good! And it was still a packed showing which was nice to see! I agree with you about the youths though, I could do without them at the movies. LOL

  2. My friend is obsessed with The Man from U.N.C.L.E. so I was surprised to see that you didn’t find it as engaging (I don’t know why–it’s not as if my friend’s opinion determines everyone else’s!). I’m not a huge fan of action-oriented films, though, so it was good to see your perspective. Maybe this isn’t a film I need to see, after all.

    I do enjoy going to early morning showings. Last time I went I think there were six other people in the theatre!

  3. I watched both Nativity! films last year for the first time, and I thought they were both absolutely wonderful (although I prefer the first one by far). Can’t wait to rewatch this year!
    I would definitely be interested in a Monthly Mini Flicks linkup, although I don’t think I watch enough movies currently to take part every month.

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