{Sci-Fi Month} Time for Tea: Mug Round-Up

Time For Tea

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to mugs. There’s a cupboard full of them in the kitchen and a good number belong to me. I have large mugs for generous cups of tea and medium-sized ones for coffee. My favorites (a.k.a. the ones I use every time I can) are a Doctor Who/Frozen mash-up one, my Guardians of the Galaxy tea mug, and two other Disney mugs that just adore.

Of course, some of my favorites are getting beat up from excessive use so it’s not horrible to be in the market for a replacement or two. . .or three. (I just really like “window” shopping for mugs.) The best thing about looking for mugs now is that it’s so easy to find ones with all kinds of geeky things on them and the sort of designs that you’d never be able to find in the store.

Since it’s Sci-Fi Month, I thought it’d be cool to pick out some of my favorite Science Fiction-y/Fandom-y related mugs and share with you. . .just in case I’m not alone in this mug obsession.



Science Fiction Fandoms Mug Round-Up


BB-8 by Krystal91


Doctor Who by Shawna Miller


Wall-e and Eve by Steph Dillon


Mulder & Scully by Sutexii


Star Trek Into Adorable by Illustrate Kate


Tribute to Firefly by Bouletcorp


You’ve Been Targeted for Termination by DWatson


Rocket and Groot by BovaArt

What’s your favorite mug?

Image Sources: Kiss Them Goodbyecobiwann


11 thoughts on “{Sci-Fi Month} Time for Tea: Mug Round-Up

  1. These are all so adorable! I’m so sad our cupboard is clogged up with ugly hand-me-downs and corporate gifts. I can’t justify junking perfectly good mugs, but I need room for cool things!

  2. Ah, I love these! I thought for sure the Doctor Who mug was going to be my favorite, but that was before I saw the Star Trek mug and the X-Files mug. Now I can’t decide!

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