{Sci-Fi Month} My Favorite Robots In Pop Culture

Sci-Fi Month (1)

If you tell me a Science Fiction movie, book, or TV show has a robot in it, I am 100% more likely to want to read or watch it immediately. I love other Scifi, of course, but there’s something about robots that just gives me the warm fuzzies.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you can explore so much about humanity and human nature by comparing a contrasting people with robots and cyborgs. This is what I adore about the later Terminator stuff—like Terminator Salvation and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Both that movie and the TV show spend time exploring what it means to be human, and I find that fascinating.

I’ve acquired some favorite robots from Pop Culture over the years. Some are cute, some are evil, and some are very attractive. I decided to make a list of my favorites for Sci-Fi Month because robots need a little love too.

My Favorite Robots


  • T-800 ~ I finally worked my way through The Terminator franchise earlier this year, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is iconic as “The Terminator” in all the movies, but my favorite versions of him have to be from T2 and Terminator Genisys. I like Arnold when he plays a good robot, but of course, the T-800 is a formidable foe when he isn’t playing nice also.
  • R2-D2 ~ Artoo is one of my favorite character in the Star Wars Universe. (Actually, he is my favorite non-human character.) He’s got gumption, a little sass, and a lot of bravery. I’m hoping BB-8 will be able to stand up to his predecessor because I need more adorable robots in my life.
  • Baymax ~ Robots aren’t often squishable, but Baymax certainly is. He’s also a good friend and a hero. His relationship with Hiro is adorable but kind of tinged with sadness. I can’t wait to see more of him and his relationship with his human friends in Big Hero 6‘s sequel.


  • Atom ~ Real Steel is one of those movies that I expected to hate, but I actually loved. It’s reminiscent of 80’s kid’s movies like E.T. and Goonies (which isn’t surprising since Steven Spielberg was involved). Atom himself is such a cute robot that you just want him to be your best robot friend too.
  • David ~ If you’re watching a film in the Alien universe, you know that the android is going to be evil and try to kill you. It’s so much more fun, though, when that bad robot looks like Michael Fassbender rather than Ian Holm. I can’t wait for Alien: Paradise Lost because I need more of David’s wicked hijinks in my life.
  • Gigolo Joe ~ AI is one of the movies that I weirdly enjoy. It’s slow moving, stars Haley Joel Osment and William Hurt, and has a creepy teddy bear. All of these things should make me loathe this movie, but I don’t—mainly because of Jude Law. Joe is a fascinating character because he doesn’t have humanity and yet he makes friends with David and stays with him until they’re forcibly separated. He also is kind of hilarious—which helps with the sentimentality of the film.


  • Marvin the Paranoid Android ~ Ah, the little doom and gloom robot! He’s my favorite part of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because he’s hilariously mopey. I didn’t love him quite as much in the film as in the book, but it was pretty inspired casting to have him voiced by Alan Rickman.
  • Mister Bones ~ One of the more recent characters added to my favorite robots list, Mister Bones is from Star Wars: Aftermath and is basically a Battle Droid that was turned into a droll murder-bot. He’s actually capable too—which is a bit of a surprise since he IS a Battle Droid and all.
  • Wall-e ~ Wall-e likes old films, longs for love, and is just about the cutest animated robot ever (if there was a “Cutest Robot Competition” between him and Baymax, it’d be so difficult to choose a winner). I love that he dances and has a little cockroach friend. He’s also saves Earth–which is pretty awesome for a little robot.

Who are your favorite robots from books/film/television?

Image Sources: Screencapped / Elfennau


8 thoughts on “{Sci-Fi Month} My Favorite Robots In Pop Culture

  1. I’m really going to have to get round to watching at least the first Terminator film sometime soon, aren’t I? 😛

    I LOVE BAYMAX! I want a Baymax hug. He is ADORABLE.

    I would definitely also include David, because… well, Michael Fassbender. Don’t need to say much more than that.

    Another addition is EDI from Mass Effect 3. She is amazing, unintentionally hilarious and just so cute ❤

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