Sci-Fi Month 2015: Allons-y!

Sci-Fi Month

I was terrified of all things Science Fiction when I was a kid. That was a problem because my dad loved them. He’d be watching The X-Files or Star Wars or Red Dwarf, and I wouldn’t even be able to come in the same room as the TV.

It wasn’t until I was in high school that I started watching TV shows and movies containing spaceships and robots. My sudden bravery at sixteen had to do with the fact that I was obsessed with British actors and would watch them in literally anything. My first proper Science Fiction show was Battlestar Galactica, and I only watched it because Jamie Bamber (who I adored in Horatio Hornblower) was in it.

The same thing went for Doctor Who two years later. I had a crush on David Tennant so I powered through the 2nd series of the new show wholly because of him.

Weirdly though, as these shows went on and I kept watching them, I started liking them for the story and characters and not just the actors. By the time I was in college, I was obsessed with more Scifi shows—like Dollhouse, Firefly, and even The X-Files, a show that had terrified me so much as a kid. I started reading Science Fiction too, and I bravely worked up the courage to watch all of the Star Wars movies.

It took awhile, but I’d finally gotten over my fear of fictional aliens and people freezing in carbonite.

I’m a huge Science Fiction fan now—which if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll no doubt know. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so much more, and since this month is Sci-Fi Month, I can’t wait to share my love of the genre with you even more.

If you’d like to join in on Sci-Fi Month, check out Rinn Read’s blog for more information! I think November’s going to be a lot of fun.

To get you started, though, here’s some of my previous Science Fiction-related posts for you to check out. . .

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How’d you become a fan of Scifi? Or what’s your favorite Science Fiction TV show?

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6 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2015: Allons-y!

  1. I, too, started off being really scared of sci-fi. In fact, I remember being so afraid of aliens, I couldn’t sleep until my parents came in to convince they weren’t going to abduct me (thanks X-files). Now, I can’t get enough of spooky weird crazy sci-fi! And I can’t wait to start reading about all sorts of awesome sci-fi related things this month 🙂

  2. Oooh, I’m so excited to be reading all these sci fi posts everywhere all month long! And I really enjoyed your previous sci fi posts, so I’m especially excited to see what you come up with 🙂
    I love the genre when it’s done well, but I think it’s also the genre I hate most, when it’s done bad, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s just because I think it has so much potential, and I get all grumpy when it doesn’t live up to that, hehe. I actually haven’t read much sci fi, I’m mostly interested in the genre in film and TV, but I’ve been meaning to give the books more of a try, too. I love your story on how you eventually got into it, so funny (and a totally legit reason).

  3. I don’t recall when I truly became a fan of sci-fi. I know when I was younger, I would watch all of the blockbusters in theaters, like Independence Day. But, looking back, I don’t think I had ever considered myself a fan of sci-fi. I was actually intimidated by the genre, actually. I always assumed that I wouldn’t truly understand it, even though I generally did well in my science classes at school.

    What opened the doors for me was a TV series called Farscape. During my final year at college, I was scoping out the DVD collection of one of my buddies. I inquired about Farscape, he said it was an excellent show, and then he asked if I wanted to borrow one of the seasons. Then I became obsessed; I powered through 4 seasons of DVDs! Then after college, I discovered another Syfy Network show called Eureka, and it’s probably my favorite TV series ever. It’s so clever and imaginative, and the characters are amazing! Oh! And then there is Star Trek. I never thought I would love, let alone watch, Star Trek. These TV shows encouraged me to explore science outside of fiction, so I read a lot of articles about space or watch documentaries on physics or pick up non-fiction books about chemistry.

    When it comes to science fiction in books though…that’s not a genre I’ve really explored. Part of me thinks that, despite my love for sci-fi movies and TV, I still won’t really understand the books. It’s silly, I know.

    1. I need to finish Farscape! Before I had Netflix, I had trouble finding all the DVDs at the library so I never got very far, but it has puppets and John Crichton so I need to get back into it. I totally understand about science fiction books being a little foreboding. I tend to stay away from “Hard Scifi” because technobabble tends to go WAY over my head. There’s a lot of good psychological or adventure stuff out there though that’s way more accessible for people without Math or Science degrees (a.k.a. people like me with an English degree).

  4. I totally understand. I was scared of most movies as a kid (Han frozen in carbonite was no exception). But even when they were scary, I was really drawn to sci-fi, probably because of how much my parents loved it. And it got less scary as I became a teenager. I loved the worlds that opened up to me.

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