Funko Collections I Want to Complete


I missed out on the first Funko Friday, but I’m joining in on Pepi and Kimi’s link-up this week. If you don’t know about my love of Funkos by now, I’d be incredibly surprised, but I haven’t blogged too much about it yet so these weekly prompts are the perfect excuse for me to gush about some of my favorite collectibles.

This week’s theme is “Funko Collections I Want to Complete.” Truthfully, I’m not a completist in collecting. That’s partly because I’m too poor to collect entire sets of toys but also because I’m super picky when it comes to characters and the looks of the figures I’m buying.

Even as a kid, I was obsessed with the looks of toys. Most people in my family knew to look at the face of the stuffed animal or figure they were buying me to make sure it looked right (i.e. didn’t have crooked eyes or a squished face).

I still look at every toy I buy and sometimes that alone decides whether or not I want to add it to my collection. I had to pass on the Regina Pop I was so looking forward to because I didn’t like the jaundiced skin color she was given. (I passed on the original Frozen releases too because I just didn’t think they looked right.)

I also pick and choose with characters. Again, with Once Upon a Time, you would NEVER EVER catch me buying a Snow White Pop in spite of it being cool to own the whole collection because Snow White is the worst and I wouldn’t be able to bear looking at her. (The Once Upon a Time poster in my room  most definitely does not contain her.)

There are very few Funko collections out there that contain only characters I like and also only characters that meet my preferred criteria. There are, however, a few, and if I had the money, I would totally buy any and all Pops in those collections.

Funko Collections I Want To Complete



I love basically every character on the show Gotham. I have my favorites, of course (namely Selina and Bruce), but I’d be happy to have all the neurotic and psychotic goofballs on my shelves. I’m still hoping they’ll expand the collection to include Edward Nygma and Galavan. Galavan, though, I would pretend was not part of the Gotham collection but rather a member of a lost The Cape set because he and Chess are basically the same characters anyways.



I’d not want a Batman collection so much as a Batgirl. I already have a Batgirl Mopeez and a Batgirl Dorbz, but I’m lacking a Batgirl Pop and some of the Mystery Minis. She’s my favorite superhero and I feel a strong need to fill an entire shelf with Barbara Gordon merchandise. Sadly, you can’t really find a Pop of her anymore.


Jupiter Ascending

I missed out on this series–mostly because I heard how bad the movie was and didn’t go see it in the theater. Oh how wrong I was to listen to those bad reviews! I love Jupiter Ascending with a giddy sort of zeal. It’s not a good movie, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. I want Jupiter and Dog!Channing Tatum now, but unfortunately, they’re not figures I can find in the store.


The Fifth Element

I don’t own any figures from this series. . .yet. I love Luc Besson’s work (okay, mostly this, Taken, and La Femme Nikita), and I’d love to have the entire set to brighten up my room. I’ll probably settle for Zorg though. How can one pass up a Gary Oldman-related Pop?
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What collections would you love to finish? Are you a completist or are you a picky collector like me?

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15 thoughts on “Funko Collections I Want to Complete

  1. I mentioned something similar in my own post – that to “complete” a set was really about what completes it for you. I certainly have sets that I know I don’t need every version of (because seriously, I don’t need 3-4 versions of the same character in different clothes haha).

    Collecting Funko must be both exciting and frustrating for you as I know I certainly have a few with slight paint imperfections and errors. They annoy me a little bit too – especially since I’m an out of box collector.

    Thanks for linking up! We’re excited to have you join us 😀

  2. Wow! I’ve never met a picky collector before! I don’t collect much anymore, but if I did I would be picky. I never understood why people would hear I liked, say, teddy bears, and they’d gift me all these hideous bears. I like cute teddy bears. I don’t want scary-looking bears! And liking bears doesn’t mean I want a bear on everything I own, either. 😉

  3. Wait, wait, wait…there was a BATGIRL Funko??
    Also, check online at That’s my local comic book chain, and I’ve seen some Fifth Element figures in-store.

  4. I can be picky as well. I also want the Gotham set and really wish they had a Nygma one, as I just love him!

      1. And he’s just so good, too! I’m really hoping they’ll make a Nygma one at some point, as he may be my favorite on the show.

  5. Cute post! I managed to get my hands on the two special edition Harry Potter funkos but not the rest of the set. That’s definitely one I’d like to finish, but I’m not a particularly picky collector.

  6. I’m definitely a picky collector, especially with the Marvel funkos. I have almost the whole Avengers team but I won’t even consider buying Iron Man. I’m the same with my Harry Potter ones, I came across a Snape funko in a shop and couldn’t bring myself to purchase it because I didn’t like the look of it. At least Funko are bringing out a second series of HP funkos so I can put somebody else in Snape’s place!

  7. I just lost my pop vinyl virginity today. Keeping it a secret what I finally deemed worth buying to do a reveal on instagram tomorrow, but lets just say I left with almost every one in this collection that my BN had lol. I work at the store, so one of them did not even make it to the shelves. As soon as I found out we had gotten it in I took it out of the back room and put it on hold to buy at the end of my shift haha. It is a collection I would LOVE to finish, but even with my discount I had to leave 2 on the shelves, at least for now.

    Always happy to find other nerdy bloggers! Happily following(: ❤

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