Toy Tuesday ~ Funko Wish List


I’ve always been a bit of a toy collector. When I was a kid, I collected Beanie Babies, Disney action figures, Polly Pockets, and Barbies. In high school too, I had a nice collection of Lord of the Rings figures, superhero toys, and Disney dolls.

I’ve basically always been one of those fangirls who loves to collect things based on what she loves. There was only a brief time in my early twenties when I stopped collecting toys and started getting rid of them.

I had decided after hitting the big 2-0 that adults don’t have Disney Princess dolls on their dresser or action figures on their bookshelves. Unlike now, there weren’t a lot of other people collecting toys to prove me wrong so I sold some of my dolls and took other stuff to the thrift store. I still have a lot of toys, but not as many as I once did thanks to my growing up phase.

I don’t really regret getting rid of those figures, but I’m glad now that I’ve gotten over the whole “Adults Don’t Collect Toys” thing. I love having stuffed animals and collectibles in my room again. It makes me feel more like myself!

To that end, I’m always adding new toys to my wish list. I try not to buy too many, but there are some figures and plushies based off of my favorite characters that I simply don’t want to pass up.

Since most of my favorite toys are made by Funko, I thought I’d share a few items on my Pop/Mopeez wish list.

Funko Wish List

Regina ~ Once Upon a Time is one of the shows that I have a weird relationship with.  I go from loving it to being super annoyed with it. One things that doesn’t change, though, is how much I adore Regina as a character. She’s such a dynamic person and I just love that she’s been made in toy form. While I think the SDCC Exclusive Pop was much cooler, I don’t think it’s settling too much to get this one. (Release Date: October)   


Purple Batman ~ When I bought my Batgirl Mopeez, I almost picked up a Batman too. Now, I’m super glad I didn’t because he’s coming out in purple for the 75th anniversary of Batman. He’ll be out in other colors too, but for some reason, I think he’s particularly adorable (and grumpy looking) in purple.  (Release Date: November)


Selina Kyle ~ Or Baby!Cat as I like to call her. Gotham‘s my favorite comics-related show on the air (seeing as Constantine got cancelled) so I definitely need to get a Pop of my favorite character on the show. I’m tempted to get a Baby!Bat too, but he’s sort of boring looking. I’ll probably hold off from getting another Gotham Pop until they release Edward Nygma–which they definitely need to do! (Release Date: October)


Felicity Smoak ~ I love Felicity–even if she was written horribly on Arrow last season. I don’t have any other Arrow Pops (I do have Captain Cold because of Wentworth Miller), but I want her all the same. I intend for her to be part of my “Nerdy Girl” collection. She’ll go perfectly next to Charlie Bradbury and Batgirl!


Coulson and Lola ~ I probably won’t be getting this Pop even though I love it so (and it’s loosely on my wish list)! Coulson’s my favorite character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and this Pop is so awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a Marvel Pop collection and I don’t think I’ll be expanding out into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers Pops soon. I’ll *try* to stick with Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe X-Men Funkos, but we’ll see how well that goes. . .  (Release Date: October)

Are there any Funko Pops or figures that you can’t wait to get?

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