Five Favorite Things About Autumn


It’s been awhile, but this week, I’m joining in on Five Fandom Friday.

Autumn’s my favorite season. In Ohio, our Falls tend to either be freezing, wet, or absolutely gorgeous. I’m hoping for gorgeous this year. I love falling leaves and the crisp smell that starts filling the air around the beginning of October. I’m not really an outdoorsy person, but I love walking in the colder weather and playing with my bigger dog in leaf piles (the little one is allergic to everything so she can’t join in).

While apple picking, bonfires, and hayrides aren’t my thing, there are a lot of things I love about this season–most of them just have to do with food and comfy clothes.

Five Favorite Things About Autumn


  • Library Book Sales ~ October and November are book sale months in my area. While the sales happen in Spring too, Autumn is when I find the best books. Part of the fun about filling my shelves every Fall isn’t just going to the sales, it’s also reorganizing everything and catching up on my TBR pile (so I have room for even more books).
  • Sweater Weather ~ I wear cardigans all year round (thanks for working in chilly libraries), but I love wearing heavy sweaters out shopping and cuddly ones to work. The scarves aren’t bad either. Or boots. Or gloves. Basically, I love everything to do with Fall fashion.


  • Fall Television ~ Summer TV’s not been bad the last few years (well, it’s at least been so bad it’s good) so I don’t get quite to jumpy up and down about Fall TV as I once did.  I’ll be very pleased when Gotham and Once Upon a Time are back though and I have more shows to stream on Hulu Plus again.


  • Spiced Drinks ~ I don’t go ga-ga over Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (I would have a huge anxiety attack if I drank that much sugar in one sitting), but I love spiced apple cider and spiced teas.  I found a decaf Pumpkin Chai from Adagio that I especially can’t wait to try this year.
  • Chilly Nights ~ I love when the weather gets just cold enough that I can open the windows at night and snuggle under a bunch of blankets. Being able to wear hooded sweatshirts outside after supper is a definite plus too.

What are some of your favorite things about Autumn?

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17 thoughts on “Five Favorite Things About Autumn

    1. Rolling down the windows is so nice in cool weather! I’ve been spoiled this Summer though because I actually have air-conditioning in my car for the first time in years so I’m not longing for that bit of Fall quite as much as I used to.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the Pushing Daisies Gifs…why did they have to cancel that show. I’m still not okay with that cancellation. It’s like the Firefly cancellation for people who wish they lived in Disneyland.

  2. Do you have an internal heater, lol? How can you love winter and the cold weather? I hate it with a passion! I get cold very easily that may be a reason why. Also I’m really not a fan of any kind of hot drinks. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea…not for me. I’m a summer child to the bone, haha. It’s always funny to see how different can be be from one another.

  3. Cardigan season ❤ I also wear cardigans over the summer, albeit the lighter ones, but it's nice to be wearing sweaters again. And I miss wearing my scarves (and I own a ton of scarves, lol). And drinking hot coffees and mochas when it's chilly outside. And no more bugs!!! Yeah, I love autumn ❤

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