Dream Casting Young Han Solo

DreamCastingYoungHan Solo

Out of all the possible and confirmed Star Wars Anthology films, the Han Solo prequel is the one that I’m the most nervous about. Han Solo is the Han Solo. How do you recreate such an iconic character (without Harrison Ford, I might add) and still make him awesome?

I think it’s going to be tough, and with the announcement last week of the film’s directors, I’m getting even more nervous. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord don’t instill me with confidence since their movies are ones I either saw and thought were okay (at best) or had no interest in seeing all together. Maybe their work in comedy with help a Han Solo movie work. I don’t know. I hope so.

Since the announcement, I’ve also been trying to wrap my head around potential casting for young Han Solo himself. It’s surprisingly hard to come up with guys who could fill Harrison Ford’s boots, but I narrowed down to  my own personal list I wouldn’t mind playing the part.

I actually have no idea how old Han is supposed to be in the new movie, but my choice actors are all in their late twenties or VERY early thirties. I don’t want a teenage Han Solo. I want a Han Solo that’s at least twenty-five.

And brunet.

Based on those sole qualifications (and my weeding out of actors I dislike), I narrowed my “acceptables” list down to five. Some are obviously more likely than others, but a girl can dream (and write fan fiction), can’t she?

My Top Five Choices for Han Solo

han-solo-31.  Sam Claflin ~ Other than The Hunger Games movies, I’ve not seen him in an action movie where he’s had a whole lot of personality. He did come across as charming in Catching Fire and Love, Rosie though. I think he could pass as a cocky smuggler while still having enough sweetness to carry off Han’s less curmudgeonly side.han-solo-5

2. Garrett Hedlund ~ Out of all my choices, Hedlund’s probably my most likely pick. He’s a little old (meaning he’s very close to Harrison Ford’s age in Episode IV), but he looks younger that he is. There’s something about his facial structure and bearing that makes me think of a young Harrison Ford. And I’m sure he could pull off the swagger.han-solo-1

3. James Wolk ~ If you’ve seen The Crazy Ones, you know he has incredible comedic timing, a lot of charm, and is very handsome. He’s starring in the wonderfully over-the-top Zoo right now and looks like he could fit the description of a “Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder” just fine.  He’s very handsome too.  Did I mention that?han-solo-2

4. Damien Molony ~ This would never happen, but I think he could pull it off. Does anyone remember this fight scene from Being Human?

Something about his swagger and general attitude just strikes me as Han Solo-esque. He’s also attractive in a “Very Hot Boy Next Door” sort of way–which is the category I put Han Solo’s looks into.han-solo-4

5. Armie Hammer ~ He can do humor and action really well (see Mirror, Mirror or The Lone Ranger), and I’m actually looking forward to seeing him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. He seems a bit brawny for Han Solo, but I think I could deal with that more than having someone really slight in the role.

Do you have any dream picks for Han Solo? How about the rest of the cast? Do you think Lando and certain other people (maybe who were introduced in the new comic, hint, hint) will be a part of it?

Image Sources: Tron Legacy/Mirror, Mirror/Love, Rosie/The Crazy Ones/Being Human/Star Wars


18 thoughts on “Dream Casting Young Han Solo

  1. Good list! I loved Sam Claflin in POTC4, and was so excited to hear he’d been cast as Finnick in HG–and he’s been perfect in the role!–but I’m not sure he’s the right kind of cocky to pull of Han Solo….Never been a big fan of Armie Hammer, but I could definitely see him as a decent Han–maybe that would win me over! 🙂 But of all your picks, I think Garett Hedlund would be PERFECT–he looks enough like Harrison Ford, and he could definitely pull off the cocky, grumpy, reluctant-hero sort! (Now I’m worried I’ll be initially disappointed if they cast anyone else! 😛 ) Thanks for a fun read! 🙂

  2. Okay, confession time…James Wolk is the only one of these actors that I even recognize! that said, I loved him on Mad Men, and definitely think he could pull off the Han Solo character.

  3. You’re so right—out of all of the new Star Wars films, this one is the most worrisome. You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s Han Solo. HAN SOLO. Whoever actually gets the role has some huge shoes to fill.

    Out of all of the above, I really like Garret Hedlund’s look. He’s handsome, but not pretty. Han definitely needs to me a bit more rugged than dreamboatish.

    I wonder if they’ll go a more unknown route. They seem to be going less for mainstream actors with Episode 7 at least. It gives me hope.

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