April Book Haul


Most of the books I picked up this month were from the Stow Library Book Sale.  I went the first day it opened and got eight books for $9.30! That’s more than I would usually pay for stuff from a library sale, but they had two newish YA releases that I couldn’t help but splurge on.

april-haul-1My two YA purchases were Soulprint by Megan Miranda and The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy. Soulprint was $4.00 and The 5th Wave was $2.00.  They were both gorgeous hardcover editions and in super good shape so I didn’t feel too bad about buying them. (And Soulprint just came out this year! I couldn’t believe they even had it.)

april-haul-3I also got two fairy tale retellings and Pinocchio. This hilarious Tor.com post about Pinocchio got me dying to read the book and the cover at the sale was too pretty to pass up.

april-haul-4I also picked up The Edinburgh Dead by Brian Buckley, The Wizard Hunters by Martha Wells, and a lovely copy of The Hobbit to add to what will probably be a growing collection of cool covers of my favorite book (it had Smaug on the jacket!).

april-haul-2Non-book sale purchases were small in number this month and limited to two graphic novels. I bought Morning Glories Vol. 8 at my local comic shop (I’d been waiting months and months for it to come out) and my mom gave me Oddly Normal Vol. 1–which I’m super excited to read.

Next month, I might have a few more books on my haul list–mostly because I have yet another library book sale to attend (the big one!) AND because my birthday’s in May. Thankfully, I have a bit of empty space on my shelves.

Did you get any cool books this month?


7 thoughts on “April Book Haul

  1. Awesome fairy tale finds. I’m really into vintage fairy tale editions. That Pinocchio looks gorgeous!

    1. I definitely do that too. Between this and my Free Comic Book Day purchases, I’m going to have to be careful at the next book sale or I’ll run out of room!

  2. Pinocchio has a lovely cover! Out of curiousity from your comment, how many different covers of The Hobbit do you have now?

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