A Geek’s Adventures {Akron Zoo}

A Geek's Adventures

It’s finally looking like Spring in Ohio! This week’s been absolutely lovely and I ventured out to the Akron Zoo to enjoy some of the sunshine. I have a year-round pass, but I haven’t made much of it (and it expires in June!) so it was about time I went again.


I was very thankful that, in spite of the gorgeous weather, the Zoo was pretty empty. Last year, I avoided going on all of the pretty days because the Zoo was crazy busy thanks to the two new Snow Leopard cubs born in the Spring. I loved seeing the cubs but not enough to struggle through crowds to see them.


Most of the animals were snoozing since I went in the afternoon, but I still enjoyed seeming all of big cats, bears, and wolves in a dead-to-the-world slumber. They were all sprawled out on their sides–in the same position my dogs get in when they’re doing serious sleeping.


A few of the animals were up and moving around. The most active were the goats in the petting zoo (as always hustling for food) and the grizzly bears.

akron-zoo-goatThe grizzly bears were acting especially adorable. One was just sort of bored and laying by the glass. It kept mushing clumps of dirt between it’s claws and digging in a distracted way. The other one jumped into the pool about when I showed up and started playing with a bunch of weeds. It scrubbed it’s head with them and shook the plant around like a dog. After that, the bear just started floating around and splashing and kicking at the weeds. It was just so cute and funny.


Another surprising reason it was a good day to go to the zoo was that it was the last for one of the Snow Leopard cubs. The boy cub was heading off to one of the Dakotas the very next day. It was kind of sad to see the brother and sister together and know that they were going to be separated, but I was glad to see them both one last time.


I rounded off my visit by seeing my favorite animal–the red panda. Like practically always, it was sound asleep and looking just like the cutest teddy bear raccoon ever.

akron-zoo-red-pandaI’m looking forward to stopping by the zoo a few more times before my pass is up. I just love walking around all of the exhibits and seeing the furry creatures (not so sold on the scaley ones). I didn’t get any pictures of it, but if you ever go to the Akron Zoo, make sure to check out the jellies! I love the aquarium exhibit but it’s too, too dark to take any pictures in there.

Before my pass is up, I also want to head up to the Cleveland Zoo. I absolutely love their elephant exhibit (and naked mole rats) and, with my Akron zoo pass, I get a percent off there too so score!

What’s your favorite animal?  


4 thoughts on “A Geek’s Adventures {Akron Zoo}

  1. I love visiting the reptile house whenever I’m at my local zoo. Hung around there the most, on the off-chance that one of the zookeepers would take out a snake for visitors to touch.

    I find the tiger and lion enclosures the scariest actually. They’re all always laying about their huge self right beside the glass, and ugh their paws are about the size of my head. Plus they’re always looking at people with this look and I’m just… yeh no, not gonna spend too long in there.

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