Etsy Shop Update

SHOP (2)I try not to do too much shameless self-promoting here on Readerly Geek, but I’ve been working really hard on my Etsy shop so I thought I might be excused this time for sharing them with you.

Having new items in my shop right now is pretty exciting for me because I haven’t been designing new dolls since last Summer. That’s about when I got burned out after doing consignment at two stores (a comic store and a coffee shop). Neither were great experiences, and I just couldn’t work up the energy or enthusiasm to put too much work into Melissa’s Cute Crochet after that.

I kept my shop filled, sure, but I didn’t try too hard to grow it.

I have been trying again though. This month, I designed five amigurumi characters and started writing down notes for new patterns too. I’m feeling inspired, and I hope to continue working hard for the next few months because I really, really want to try selling my creations at a craft show this Fall.


The four pictures above our for April’s fresh-off-the-hook items. There’s PuppyCat. Castiel, Hiro and Baymax, and Baby Hulk. I’m super proud of them–especially since I made them during a month that’s been crazy busy and stressful.

To celebrate my new designs (and to make reading this post worth your while), I decided to offer a coupon code to round off the end of the month. I’m calling the code “COMICLOVE” since it’s also Free Comic Book Day this weekend. If you use that all-caps phrase, you get 10% off your purchase of $9 or more in my shop through Saturday.

If you know anyone who might be interested, I’d be super grateful if you’d share this post or my shop with them. I’d love to reach some new people before my 2nd anniversary of selling on Etsy (Eek, it’s so close! May 25th!).

Are there any characters or creatures or accessories that your think would make a cool addition to Melissa’s Cute Crochet? As an artist/writer/etc. have you ever gotten into a long slump?


8 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Update

  1. I love Puppycat! This is something I’m probably going to get it as a random thank you present for a friend. Whi am I kidding?! I’m definitely going to 😉

    Fran x

  2. Lmao PuppyCat is adorable. I honestly have no idea where it came from though. Your shop is amazing and fun, and I’m tempted to ask if you would do custom Hufflepuff inspired beanies. 😀

    1. Thanks! I could totally do a Hufflepuff beanie if ever you’d like. I love getting custom orders!

      (And PuppyCat’s from a cartoon called Bee and PuppyCat. It’s on Youtube, if you’re interested.)

      1. Sweet! I’m definitely gonna be dropping you a message through your etsy store later this month for that custom beanie.

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