Fight Like a Girl {Mug Round-Up}

fight-like-a-girlI have a bit of a mug collecting habit. It’s not a big problem (yet) because I do use a a lot of mugs between my coffee and tea drinking. My favorites at the moment are my Frozen/Doctor Who mash-up mug and my two Snow White mugs (One’s from Disneyland and the other has Snow looking like Regina from OUAT). While I use plain mugs every once in a great while, I prefer using fun ones because they making drinking coffee at home slightly more exciting.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about the lack of super-ladies on the TV and movie screens lately so I felt like making a bit of a round-up to celebrate some of my favorite heroines and remind myself that there are some awesome, kick-butt ladies out there.

Fight Like a Girl {Mug Round-Up}

Batgirl Mug

Batgirl by Dorothy Timmer


Buffy by Heymonster


Agent Carter by Karen Hallion


Mulan by Megan Lara

hermione-mugHermione by Nan Lawson


Honey Lemon by Lady Eve

What’s on your favorite mug? And who’s your favorite heroine at the moment? 


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