Big Hero 6 Crochet Round-Up

Big Hero 6 Crochet Round-UpBig Hero 6 wasn’t a movie I expected to like, but it was cute and sweet and I ended up pleasantly surprised. I loved that there were two awesome, geeky girl characters in the movie and a squishy robot (I always love robots but squishy robots have to be the best!).

For Christmas, I crocheted a Baymax ornament, but I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some more Big Hero 6 projects. I wish I could find patterns for the human characters, but mostly, there’s just tons of variations on crocheted Baymaxes available. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course (even though I definitely want to make Honey Lemon someday).

I tracked down 5 very cute patterns. They’re all free and perfect for all ages.

Big Hero Six Crochet Round-Up

  • Baymax Hat ~ The hat is Baymax’s body–it has arms and even his head perched on top. I love it so much and what’s great is that it comes in all sizes, including “Adult.”
  • Baymax Amigurumi ~ Baymax is so huggable that he makes a wonderful stuffed animal/robot. This pattern is for a fairly big amigurumi so I included a 2nd pattern for those who like their ami smaller.
  • Baymax Amigurumi (2) ~ Here’s the smaller amigurumi pattern. It’s just as cute as the bigger one but a little different in looks. Bonus: It’s also available in Spanish for those who are bilingual.
  • Fred’s Beanie ~ Too cute and funky! The pattern looks a little complicated, but thankfully, there’s a lot of step-by-step pictures to help along the way.
  • Baymax Inspired Hat ~ If you want to look like Super Baymax, this hat is perfect. I wish it came it adult sizes, but if you find a simple beanie (or earflap hat) pattern, it should be easy to use this pattern as a reference to create your own hat.

Who is your favorite Big Hero 6 character?

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