First Impressions ~ Southern Cross #1

First ImpressionsSouthern Cross #1

When I heard Image Comics was coming out with a new Scifi series, I knew I’d be all over it. I love science fiction comics–especially when they’ve got heavy doses of mystery and (potentially) horror mixed in.

Southern Cross centers around Alex, a young-ish woman who’s traveling to Titan. Officially, she’s going there to collect her sister’s remains. Not so officially, she’s going to find out what caused her sister’s death. Alex suspects foul play on the part of the dirty corporation that her sister worked for, but she has no proof.

It’s a six day journey to Titan from Earth. What could possibly go wrong?


Becky Cloonan’s story is just getting started in this issue, but there’s a lot of interesting pieces already falling into place. Alex shares a room with the woman tasked with investigating her sister’s death, for one. There’s also the fact that something weird’s going on with the ship’s gravity drive. Hints of corruption have been made and, with all of the minor characters that have already been introduced, I’m curious to see just how many people are caught up in it.

I don’t know where Alex’s story is going quite yet, but it’s obvious that there’s going to be a mystery to solve, bad guys to avoid, and some bizarre occurrences to deal with.

So far our heroine, Alex, has the potential to be an interesting lead character. As of the first issue, there’s not a lot the reader knows about her besides she’s an ex-con and her sister’s dead. I hope the story will delve deeper into her past and especially her relationship with her sister as everything moves forward. She seems troubled and curious–those two things will undoubtedly bring her trouble on her quest.  southern-cross-artWhile the story starts strong, it really was Andy Belanger’s art that sold me on this series. The scenes on the space ship were just fantastic with all their futuristic industrial detail. I can’t even begin to imagine all the work that went into creating the winding hallways, wires, and glass. Everything and everyone had the look of what the 1980’s thought the future people might looked like (think Aliens), and it was amazing. The characters were all super original in their looks and, like with the ship, there was an impressive amount of detail in their layers of clothes and tattoos.

In addition to just adoring the overall look, what impressed me the most was the way my eyes were drawn through the story with the characters. I’m still a relatively new comic reader and sometimes I have trouble following the order of panels, but while Belanger’s sequences were more complex than left to right, I never got lost because the characters’ movements led the story across the page as Alex and the rest wandered through hallways and up and down ladders.

I’d recommend checking out Southern Cross #1 if you like your comics heavy on the weird and the mysterious. It’s in the vein of The Woods, Shutter, and other strange Science Fiction stories–which is why is not surprising at all that I liked it so much.

What comics have you been loving lately?


9 thoughts on “First Impressions ~ Southern Cross #1

  1. Nice review. I completely agree with you. If the art was different, I’m not sure if I would have added Southern Cross to my standing order. It really makes the comic. I love the gritty 70s/80s sci-fi look.

    I’m don’t know yet whether I like Alex, but if they develop her character in an interesting way, or to be more sympathetic, I think I’ll be on side.

    I am intrigued by where this story is heading. I’m looking forward to reading the next issue.

  2. Great review. Sounds interesting! I have yet to be disappointed by Image. Have you tried Saga yet? Or Morning Glories? So far, I like those a lot. Strong stories and great artwork. Bedlam is also interesting (dark and gory), but I haven’t made it past the first collected volume, so I can’t speak to the series yet. And yes, all of those are put out by Image.

  3. Ooh never heard of this title yet. Sci-fi and weird, and I’m going there.

    Have you read Revival yet? I haven’t fully read what’s out so far, but it’s a mix of supernatural, Sci-fi and mystery. And very nice art.

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