7 Disney Princess Inspired Amigurumi Patterns

EST. 1987 (1)When I went to Disney World, I met two Disney Princesses–Jasmine and Pocahontas. It was very awesome even though I was about 15 to 20 years older than all of the other girls having there pictures taken with them.

disney-princessI’ve always been a freak about Disney movies and, like a lot of 90’s kids, I have never quite grown out of Princess movies. I’m super excited about all of the live-action versions of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and whatnot coming up and just wanted to do a round-up of fun crafts because, sometimes, you just have to spread the Disney Princess love around.

There are a bunch of amigurumi patterns inspired by the Disney Princesses, but I picked out some of the freebies for this round-up. If you try these and need more options, definitely check out Ravelry because there are tons and tons and tons of princess patterns up there.

7 Disney Princess Inspired Amigurumi Patterns

  • Cinderella ~ She’s reversible! On one side, she has a pretty, blue ballgown and on the other, she’s the poor, cinder girl. I’ve never tried a reversible amigurumi before, but Cinderella looks so neat that I might have to whip her up.
  • Belle ~ Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney Princess movie which includes actual royalty (Mulan is my absolute favorite, but she’s not *technically* a princess).  This little Belle is cute in her ballgown and luscious, yarn-y locks.
  • Anna ~ Have you ever knitted an amigurumi? My skills with double pointed needles are no where up to the task, but Anna’s definitely a cutie if you’d like to give it a whirl.
  • Snow White ~ I think Snow White is a BAMF because she’d totally kill you with kindness. Her everyday wear, crocheted dress is bright and colorful and would look very nifty in yarn.
  • Merida ~ The pattern comes with instructions on how to make her bows and arrows. How cool is that? If you want a hair-making challenge, this would be something to stretch your skills.
  • Leia ~ Now a total Disney Princess!  If you prefer your princesses to be of the space variety, here’s a pattern for you. I love making Princess Leia amigurumi. Mostly because her hair’s a blast.
  • Princess Blankets ~ While not technically 100% amigurumi, these blankets have amigurumi parts. What’s great is that the link’s site has patterns for just about any Disney Princess you could want, including Pocahontas, Elsa, and Jasmine.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess (whether she’s royalty or not)?


7 thoughts on “7 Disney Princess Inspired Amigurumi Patterns

  1. Not a huge Cinderella fan, but that doll is amazing! I don’t think I have the skills for these just yet, but I will definitely keep them for later 🙂

  2. Those are all awesome patterns! I have always been partial to Ariel. There is something special about the combination of mermaid and evil octopus monster that delights me. 🙂

  3. Oh these are adorable! I’m quite an amateur yarner – I only recently resurrected my seven-year-old knitting and crocheting projects – and I don’t think my skills are up to making amigurumi (heck, I cant even make round things like balls and hats…). But eventually!

    1. It probably won’t take you too long to get there! The biggest hurdle for making amigurumi is having even stitches. After that there are a lot of cute beginner patterns to try to increase your skills!

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