Top Ten Tuesday ~ Ladies of Scifi


It’s been awhile, but this week, I decided to join up with The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday link-up yet again. I’m doing my own take on the “My Top Ten Heroines from Books” prompt and choosing to share my favorite women from Scifi TV and Film instead.

If you stick around this blog long enough, you’ll no doubt realize that I’m a huge nerd about Scifi films and TV.  I love Fantasy and Horror too, of course, but I just can’t get enough of seeing robots, aliens, and space ships gracing my screen.

It’s wasn’t terribly hard for me to compile this list. I actually had to make serious cuts because there are a lot more than ten ladies from Science Fiction that I adore. It’s just a genre that lends itself to smart and capable women so it was fun to take the time and represent that today.

So here they are, in no particular order. . .

My Top 10 Ladies of Scifi


1. Ellen Ripley ~ Killing aliens and being generally awesome makes Ripley one of my favorite heroines. There’s something so “Girl Power” about Ripley’s presentation in the movie Alien. She’s not a soldier or superhero and yet she’s still able to survive against one of the most predatory creatures in the universe.

2. Elizabeth Shaw ~ Speaking of the Alien franchise, I also adore Shaw. She’s the scientist version of Ripley from Prometheus. She’s still not a soldier or superpowered, but her brains (and willingness to cut an alien baby out of her stomach) help her outlive everyone and continue on her quest to find the origin of humanity.


3. Cassandra Railly ~ Cassie’s my newest Scifi character crush. She’s smart, determined, and I adore her sense of style. I’m so glad the 12 Monkey‘s writing staff is giving her agency and a personality. Every week, I’m wowed by how awesome she is.

4. Padme ~ Okay, my feelings towards Padme are complex, but overall, I do adore her as a character. She’s intelligent, tough, and powerful. I wish she didn’t marry Anakin, have babies, and die, but unfortunately, all that did happen. In my headcannon, however, she and Obi Wan join up and fight the Sith together and leave whiny Anakin on Tatooine forever.


5. Rita Vrataski ~ If you need a reason to watch The Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt’s character is it. She’s no-nonsense and so amazingly cool. I would love to see her prequel story, but will (hopefully) have to content myself with watching Emily Blunt play other awesome Scifi ladies in the future.

6. Kara Thrace ~ I’ll forever be happy that Battlestar Galactica decided to switch Starbuck’s gender in the reboot. It’s not often you get a gambling, drinking, soldier-chick in TV or film but Kara was that character. She definitely proved that a woman doesn’t have to be perfect or a “strong female character” to be interesting.


7. Aeryn Sun ~ While I’ve not watched all of Farscape, I love what I’ve seen of Aeryn so far. She’s a tough-as-nails soldier like Kara Thrace, but she’s also an alien–which is definitely cool. I love that in her relationship with John he’s the one that’s more likely to be the damsel-in-distress than herself.  Also, most of her friends are puppets.

8. Donna Noble ~ As the Doctor’s companion, Donna’s different from a lot of characters on this list, but she’s wonderful nonetheless. It was refreshing on Doctor Who to have a companion that had no romantic interest in the Doctor and that could hold her own against him. She was sassy and I adored that her work as a temp made her an asset during her time traveling adventures rather than a joke.


9. Peggy Carter ~ I don’t think it’s stretching it to call Agent Carter a Science Fiction show.  She might not deal with aliens, but she does deal with science gone amok. I love that Peggy can fight and look cool all at the same time. She’s also smart and resilient. Yeah, basically, she’s perfect and I hope I get to see more of her in the future.

10. Black Widow ~ I’m talking film version Nat here because I’d say that Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier put her into the “Scifi Character” category. I don’t know what there’s not to like about Natasha really. She’s tough, sassy, and can hold her own as an Avenger even though she doesn’t have superpowers. I hope she gets her own movie in the future. I’d love to see ScarJo have a chance to develop the character (and maybe just have the Winter Soldier be her eye-candy sidekick).

Who are some of your favorite “Ladies of Scifi?”


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Ladies of Scifi

  1. Really enjoyed this. I think I want to email you to discuss Padme further. Too many thoughts!
    I gotta get to watching Agent Carter and Edge of Tomorrow. Feel like I’d love both.
    Donna Noble is the BEST! I named a Warcraft pet after her hahaha.

  2. My feelings for Padme are complex too; I like your headcanon! I’ve never thought of that but now that you say it I’m all for it! 🙂 Rita is a great character; I was surprised how quickly and how much I came to like her.

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