First Impressions ~ Silk #1

First Impressions

Confession Time: Until yesterday, I’d never read a comic centered in the Spidey-Verse. That means no Spider-Man (Parker or Morales), no Spider-Woman, or even Spider-Gwen.

I picked up Silk #1 entirely because it was written by Robbie Thompson–a TV writer who has worked on Supernatural (Writer of the Charlie Bradbury episodes right here!) and The Cape (After all this time? Always.). I just love it when TV writers branch into other mediums and Thompson’s skills with the keyboard don’t disappoint here.

Silk‘s about Cindy Moon–a young woman who, like Peter Parker, was bitten by a radioactive spider. She has super “Silk” powers that she’s now using to fight crime in New York City. Before she started her life of superheroing, she’d been holed up in a bunker hiding from baddies. . .for ten years. Cindy’s still having a difficult time adjusting to life on the outside, but that’s really nothing compared to problems she’s encountering as she tracks down her missing family.

silk-picI absolutely loved the 1st issue of Silk. The dialogue and quips (or lack thereof) were fantastic. Cindy Moon had an almost Whedon-esque approach to crime fighting what with her calling the villain a Pokemon and casually trying to catch up on Pop Culture in the middle of a throw-down. She was funny and a tad awkward and I definitely fell a bit in love with her as a superhero by Page 3.

The general plot of the issue was fast moving and engaging. There were a lot of aspects to the story that drew me in, but I was particularly interested what happened to Cindy’s family while she was locked away in that bunker. The flashbacks with her parents and brother were a great touch. They added an emotional backbone to the story that helped issue one be more than just a fun, superhero romp.

The art by Stacey Lee was also fantastic. The characters had truly distinctive looks and the overall appearance was bright and captivating. I loved Cindy’s style especially. Her Silk costume was very cool, but I liked that her everyday clothing was both fashionable and comfortable-looking–perfect for a twenty-something woman.

If you’re looking for a new comic series to try, I’d highly recommend checking out Silk. I adored the first issue. It was fun and sweet and definitely going on my monthly to-read list.

Now, I just need to catch up on all the other Spider-Man stuff I’ve been missing before the next issue comes out.

Do you have any favorite, new comics yet this year?


5 thoughts on “First Impressions ~ Silk #1

  1. I didn’t pick up any of the Spider-Verse stuff, and haven’t ever really followed Spidey-Man all that closely, but I was compelled to pick up Silk because of Stacey Lee’s awesome art. And I’m glad I did, like you I really enjoyed it!

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