If You Like Agent Carter, Try These Shows!

EST. 1987

Eight episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter isn’t enough for one year. I love the humor, characters, and action too much for it to be over so soon. Sure, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be back, but that’s not really the same thing is it?

Fortunately, there are a handful of other shows that tackle the same themes as Agent Carter. There are other lady-led spy shows to be found. And other Period Pieces with classy ladies and espionage too.

I picked out three shows I think to be most suitable for Agent Carter follow-up. (Plus two extra for those who love to binge.) Expect spies, ladies-in-action, and fabulous fashion ahead!

If You Like Agent Carter, Try These Shows!

bel1. The Hour ~ Set in the 1950’s, the first season deals with a Communist mole hiding within the BBC.  The main characters (Freddie, Bel, and Hector) work on a news show that’s being kept from sharing the whole truth with the audience by regulations placed on them by the government. The Hour‘s a fantastic thriller, and like Agent Carter, you’ll find espionage, interesting women in fantastic outfits, and enjoyable stories in this series.


2. Alias ~ If you’re looking for a true predecessor to Agent Carter, it’s got to be Alias. There’s spies, cool gadgets, science gone amok, and a leading lady with fast kicks and fashion sense. Peggy Carter and Sydney Bristow are amazingly similar characters, and the stories have the same mystery vibe. There’s also some humor and sass in Alias too thanks to characters like Will (played by Bradley Cooper) and Marshall.


3. The Bletchley Circle ~ After working as codebreakers during World War 2, four women have been left to lead less than thrilling lives in Cold War Era England.  When a pattern shows up in a serial murder case, the women join forces to find the perpetrator. Like Agent Carter, The Bletchley Circle addresses what women faced in the aftermath of WW2 and shines a spotlight yet again on intelligent yet underestimated women.

If you’re still looking for more things to watch, you should also check out Nikita (for more lady spy action) and Mahattan (for espionage, moral quandaries, and science).

Who is your favorite lady action hero from TV?


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