February Knits


The yarn situation’s gotten a little crazy at my house this Winter. Of course, I have to have a bunch of Red Heart yarn on hand for the amigurumi I sell in my shop, but above and beyond that, I have skeins of cotton, wool, bulky and super bulky yarn, and who-knows-what-else at this point.

This February, I’ve made it my business to start working through my stash. I’ve been combing through Ravelry searching for patterns that will use up all these bits and bobs. I came up with some lovely pattern to use. Some I have yarn for. For others, I would have to buy it (Drat!).

I picked out some of my favorite finds for today’s post. I think they’d be lovely projects to make in this chilly, romantically-inclined month.

Five (Free) February Knits 

  • Spiral Rib Leg Warmers ~ I grew up loving 80’s movies and having a weird fascination with the fashion from the decade. Leg Warmers were always something I wish I could figure out how to wear. I added this pair to my Ravelry queue because it’s time that I finally tried to rock a pair of my own.
  • Be Mine Valentine’s Day Hat ~ Fair Isle colorwork is so gorgeous and yet so tricky if you’re a n00b. The simple hearts and red and white stripes make this pattern look like a decent way to hone colorwork skills. Also, it’s pretty and perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  • Drop Stitch Cowl ~ I don’t know about where you live, but in Ohio, it gets awfully cold in February. I love wearing warm scarves to keep the chill off, and this cowl looks like an absolutely gorgeous and cozy way to do that.
  • Red Velvet Hat ~ This seems like a great unisex hat with nice cabling throughout. I’m eyeing it as a possible gift for a family member, but I’m tempted to make one for myself too. It’s got a hip sort of slouch going on that I don’t know if I can resist. (Unrelated: Have you heard about Red Velvet Oreos yet? They sound delicious!)
  • Snowflake Scarf ~ Over-sized scarves are like blankets you can carry with you, and this one has a nifty stitch pattern that makes it more eye-catching than others that sport simply a Garter or Stockinette stitch. I had wanted to make this scarf for my cousin for Christmas, but I ran out of time. I might need to get a start on it this winter if I’m hoping to finish it and a bunch of other things in time for Christmas 2015.

What have you been knitting (or crafting) lately? 


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