Best Songs of Galavant


Galavant grew on me. (Will not say just like mold, will not say just like mold.) After week one, I wasn’t 100% sold, but I kept watching and watching and, soon enough, I was weirdly invested in these characters lives.

By the end of Season One, I kinda shipped Galavant and Izzie (and the cook and the maid). I wanted the king to (wo)man up and Madalena to destroy them all. I even rooted for Sid and the Jester to have their moment as heroes. Some of that happened, but I definitely want to see where that cliffhanger(?!?!) will take everyone in Season Two.

Of course, I didn’t totally watch Galavant just for the story. There were songs. And dancing. And shirtlessness.

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But I mostly watched for the songs, and I picked out my “Top Five” tunes for today’s post!

 Best Songs of Galavant 

5. No One But You ~ Oh Madalena, you have the most maniacal mind! I definitely grew to “like” Madalena when she started her coup. It made so much more sense for her to be planning everyone’s death rather than slouching around the castle bored. Her big song to herself is fantastically narcissistic and–even better–has hints of “A Guy Like You” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


4. A Happy Ending for Us ~ A.K.A. The Song in Which the Cook and Maid Sing Joyfully About Killing Everyone. (It looks like I might prefer the homicide tunes. Oh well, I always did love Disney Villain songs in particular.) I just loved these two together, and I can only hope that next season–if there is a next season–they’ll have even more plots and plans (I thought about saying pans here but that’s probably too punny, right?) to sing about. (You can listen to the song on Hulu.)

3. Togetherness ~ The trio hat several songs together, but I thought this was the catchiest. It has some nice gags to it and the sassy-ness of everyone is off the charts. Also, the princess snores–which is wonderful.

2. If I Could Share My Life With You ~ About midway through the series, the cook and maid’s story became my favorite part of the whole show. (Like I said, I especially liked when the maid went all wicked and wanted to poison everyone!) I loved their two songs together, but this was my favorite since it was a quirky, little love song. The #4 pick was a little too Sweeney Todd to be my absolute favorite of theirs.

1. Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever ~ I wasn’t sold on Galavant until I heard this song. The title alone sells it, but the delivery from all the characters is endearingly funny. It’s the “I hate you, but I kinda like you” scene that most Disney movies get, but for once, everyone’s feelings are not sugarcoated.

 Did you have a favorite Galavant moment?


7 thoughts on “Best Songs of Galavant

  1. I LOVE Galavant!

    The cheesy singing is what drew me in immediately, because I’m a sucker for cheesy musicals. Or maybe it’s just musicals in general. I haven’t heard word about a second season, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. I love musicals too! I’m so excited they’re finally moving forward with a Wicked movie. I think fantasy musicals (like Galavant and Into the Woods) are a lot of fun to see on screen.

  2. I love your list! I hope we get a Season Two, if we don’t, I might just riot. I need to know what happens! I need more songs! And beards! And shirtlessness! (Is that a word?)

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