What I’m Watching: Youtube Edition

What I'm WatchingIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a “What I’m Watching” post so I thought it was about time I shared some awesome shows I’ve been enjoying. I’ve talked about Youtube before, but lately, I’ve been getting more and more into watching online series and keeping up with vloggers. I watch a wide variety of stuff–mainly having to do with various aspects of geekdom (of course)–but I thought I’d share some of my current favorites with you.

What I’m Watching: Youtube Edition

The March Family Letters ~ Another modern day retelling of a classic novel! The series is based off of Little Women, and I love how it’s handling the characters and story so far. While I’m not a fan of the ending of Little Women, I’m putting my faith in the series that maybe–for once–I’ll actually not dislike Professor Bhaer when he comes around.

Classic Alice ~ You might notice “Book-Related” is a theme going on in this post. I love book bloggers, but I absolutely adore bookish webseries. Unlike The March Family Letters, Classic Alice isn’t strictly an adaptation of any one book. The concept here is that Alice (of the title) tries to live her life according to different books. She’s covered Crime and Punishment, A Christmas Carol, The Wind and the Willows, and more so far. The show went on hiatus recently, but if you watch it and like it, think about donating to its Indiegogo campaign.

Ron Lit ~ Love literature and social commentary? If you answered “Um, yeah,” you should totally check out this channel. I love Ronnie’s videos on Jane Austen and British Literature especially (still an English Major at heart), but everything she talks about is interesting and funny. I love watching Youtubers who care about the same things I do–namely awesome 18th-19th century ladies and hot British dudes–and Ron Lit 100% falls into that category.

Weird Girls ~ This channel has it all: Comics, Books, Cosplay, Roleplaying, and Disney Appreciation. A relatively new fascination with me, I’ve been watching through some of the “Girl’s” videos, and I’m positively loving them. I have this thing about watching Pull List videos at the moment so I’m particularly fond of Danni Danger’s stuff. I think sassy, funny ladies are my Youtube obsession at the moment.

What are your current favorite Youtube Channels or Webseries? 


6 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Youtube Edition

  1. Hooray for the Classic Alice love! That is easily one of my favorite web-shows ATM. This post reminded me that I really need to check out The March Family Letters soon…

  2. I’ve actually never heard of these series, but I will definitely have to check them out now! So thank you; and I suggest you watch Jack and Dean. They are comedians, feminists and British. So…yeah, hotness all around hahaha!

    I also suggest just Jack Howard’s stuff, he’s pretty funny on his own too. I don’t know if you’re in to short films or not, but Kick the PJ is amazing and gorgeous and also British so…yeah, enjoy! 🙂

    1. It’s been so long since I read the book that’s it’s hard to remember specifically, but I just always felt Jo sort of married him by default. No one better was presented and she had to marry someone so Bhaer had to do. He might have been a good character if he wasn’t turned into Jo’s love interest.

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