My Top 10 TV Characters of 2014


I have the habit of getting attached to fictional characters. Sometimes it gets weird (like when I said that rewatching Prison Break was like meeting up with old friends), but mostly it’s just me getting wrapped up in a particular character’s story.

Last year was a pretty good year for me in TV. I got invested in quite a few shows and grew attached to some of the more standout characters. In honor of all that, I thought I’d give a shout-out to some of my current favorites.

*Warning: Potential Spoilers for Arrow, Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Revolution, and Hannibal.*

Top 10 TV Characters of 2014

10. Agent Phil Coulson ~ It was very tough to choose this #10 spot, but Coulson’s definitely one of my favorite characters to watch so he made the cut. I love his deadpan, unflappable responses to the crazy stuff that goes on around him. His nerdyness over old-school spy tech and Captain America also makes him lovable. I wish the show had more time to let him geek out, but alas, it’s too fast moving for much of that nonsense anymore. Still, he’s a fun character to watch, and I’m glad he didn’t stay dead or go crazy.

Source: Vanity Fair
Source: Vanity Fair

9. Rachel Matheson ~ I would watch Elizabeth Mitchell in anything, but Rachel (from Revolution) comes in close second behind Juliet (from LOST) as my top favorite characters she’s played. Rachel’s a fascinating character because she’s a genius who’s so focused on righting her wrongs that she basically gives up everything to try to get the blood off her hands. She abandons her kids and plays a cat and mouse game with Bass. Sadly, she’s more interesting when she’s unhinged than when she’s playing conscience to Miles later in Season Two.

8. Selina Kyle ~ Or Baby Catwoman as I usually call her. I don’t know if I can completely pinpoint what it is about this character that makes her so perfect, but I’m going to try. She has a surprising amount of depth for such a minor character, and her cuteness when mixed with her toughness is absolutely endearing. Also, seeing Bruce and Selina interact has been one of the highlights of the entire show to date. She’s just a stand-out–which is really impressive on a show with so many over-the-top characters.

7. James Gordon ~ It took me awhile to warm up to Gordon on Gotham. At first, I thought he was just going to be this bland lead character, but about five episodes in, something finally clicked for me. I now have tons of fun watching Gordon growl as begrudgingly deal with awful people. He makes me laugh. I didn’t expect that from him.

6. John Constantine ~ I think Matt Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine has a lot to do with how much I’m in love with the character. He has such an expressive face and he definitely uses it to convey so much about the character. The writers have also done a fantastic job putting Constantine through the ringer. I’m so thankful that there’s FINALLY a superhero show that doesn’t give the lead character an easy out. Constantine is forced to deal with awful stuff–which totally makes since given his job choice.

Source: pintasfun

5. Alfred Pennyworth ~ Seriously, though, how cool is this man? He’s been my favorite character on Gotham since the 2nd episode. Before I realized how much I loved Gordon’s growly-bear grumpiness, I already adored Alfred’s balance of kindness and toughness. The episode where he beat up a bunch of assassins, of course, put me over the edge. He’s just a fantastic and fascinating character.

4. Dr. Frederick Chilton ~ You don’t get much more resilient than Frederick Chilton. He’s survived disembowelment and, more recently, a gunshot wound to the face. After his latest run-in with violence, I refused to believe he was dead (I was right) because I just loved his sassy swagginess too much. All of Hannibal’s characters are lovely, but Chilton is the one that has just stuck with me. He wasn’t really supposed to be a lovable character, but his outlandish personality won me over in the end.

3. Melinda May ~ I’m loving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. right now, but truthfully, if you asked why I looked forward to the next episode, the answer would be May. She’s just so cool. She can pulverize almost anyone and her friendship with Coulson definitely adds a heart to the otherwise action-packed show. And she’s played by the woman who voiced Mulan. How is that not awesome?

2. Sebastian “Bass” Monroe ~ While I adored David Lyons as Vincent on one of my all-time favorite shows, The Cape. . .

Source: Greendale Gifs

I loved him best as sometimes bad boy/sometimes homicidal lunatic, Bass on Revolution. It humored me to no end that in the 2nd season he constantly had to choose between his son (who curiously looked like he could be his marginally younger brother) and the Matheson clan. I shipped Bass and Charlie hardcore, but I think we all know, Bass loved Miles best. I hate that Revolution ended just as it was starting to get good, but in spite of it’s partial cliff-hanger, I would watch this show again for my beloved Bass alone.

1. Felicity Smoak ~ Felicity’s as she should be at #1. I adore Felicity and I’m so happy that in season three (finally) she’s beginning to become more of a proper sidekick–rather than just emotional and technical support for The Arrow. She’s hitting people in the head with guns and throwing explosives. I really want her to learn how to fight–maybe in Ollie’s absence Diggle will teach her. *Crosses fingers.*  While Arrow isn’t doing her complete justice at present, I’m glad that’s she’s finally becoming a more vital part of Team Arrow.

Did you have a favorite TV character in 2014?


17 thoughts on “My Top 10 TV Characters of 2014

  1. Great list Melissa. Did you see Elizabeth Mitchell on Once Upon a Time. She elevated this half of the season imo.
    “…was like meeting up with old friends” certainly understand this and experience it with my fav shows!

  2. Love this idea, and love your number one choice even more! Oh felicity smoak you wonder lady. And May deserves every bit of praise she gets and so much more. Great list (:

    1. I haven’t really ever watched Elementary. I do like Jonny Lee Miller though. I guess I should give it a proper chance sometime. I’ve heard so many great things about it.

  3. Felicity is definitely the best. And yay for Coulson making the cut. He’s definitely changed from the character I fell in love with in the movies, but I still dig him. I just hope that he gets a little more back to normal soon.

    And while I agree with most of your choices … I just can’t with Melinda May. Something about Ming Na drives me batty, so even though I know I should appreciate the character, I don’t.

  4. So much love for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so I definitely second both Coulson and Melinda. Other soft spots for me include Mary Margaret (even though I’m not loving what they’re doing with her character this season and Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time and both Holmes and Watson from Elementary.

    1. I see we have some characters in common! I found Ward so interesting last year. I hope once the show comes back they’ll delve into his character more. There wasn’t enough of him in the 1st half of Season Two.

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