Favorite Things #4 (Bonus: Geeky Christmas Gifts!)

Favorite Things (2)

Happy New Year, all!

Christmas got chaotic around here. My parents hosted three parties–which is chaotic every year–but, this year, my mom was sick so it was even more whack-a-doo than normal. Needless to say, I’m thankful to have this week to relax. I just want to curl up in front of the TV and watch Dollhouse on Netflix for hours and hours.

Instead, of course, I’m writing blog posts because I’m trying to be good and stay ahead of things in 2015. (Hopefully, I’ll succeed this year.)

Before I get into my most recent collection of “Favorite Things,” I thought I’d show off some of my awesome, geeky presents. Thanks to this blog and my ramblings on social media, my family has a pretty good idea of what I like. Let’s just say, I got some cool stuff this year.

pumbaFirst off, I got a Disney Blind Box which held this adorable Pumba figurine. I, unfortunately, broke off one of his ears before I even got him out of his bag, but it was nothing a little E6000 glue couldn’t cure so he’s all better and sitting on my bookshelf now.disney-dc-keychainsI got two other keychain blind bags–one Disney and on DC Comics related. I squealed when I opened the Jasmine one. She’s just too, too cute! The Joker’s, of course, amazing too. I love his funky suit and hair. mrs-potts-and-chip-popI also added a 2nd Funko Pop to my toy collection courtesy of my mom, once again, venturing into Hot Topic.  Mrs. Potts and Chip are perfect (for some reason I’m partial to animal and inanimate object inspired Pop’s). They go wonderfully with the Cheshire Cat toy and teapot I have on my dresser.geeky-stationeryI don’t know if I’ve talked about this on my blog yet, but I have pen pals through International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. In Ohio, though, it’s very difficult to find cool stationery to use for my letters so I was very thankful to receive Doctor Who and Jane Austen sets from my cousins. I cannot wait to use it!

Now, onto the other part of this post.

Since I’ve been running around like mad, this edition of “Favorite Things” isn’t long. Hopefully, in another two weeks, I’ll have way more cool stuff to share with you!

Favorite Things

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season One) ~ I finally finished watching the first season (which, let me tell you, is confusing if you’ve already seen part of Season Two), and I was super impressed with how much better it got as it went along. Around episode twelve, it actually started seeming like a Whedon show. I loved the humor, born evil vs. mislead storyline (we’ll see where that idea takes us in Season Two), and, most of all, Agent May kicking butt.
  • Into the Woods ~ I saw this for New Years Eve and had so much fun. The entire movie was enjoyable, but I have to give a shout out in particular to Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen’s rendition of “Agony.” That was the one song from the stage version I could never get out on my head and those two just killed it. Their shirt ripping and over-dramatics were worth the price of admission alone. I’d definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t already.

So what have you been loving lately?


9 thoughts on “Favorite Things #4 (Bonus: Geeky Christmas Gifts!)

  1. All your presents are super cute! I love Mrs. Potts! I Haven’t seen into the woods yet, but maybe soon! It looks amazing! I’ve been loving the new year, thrifting,and Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please.” 🙂

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