Favorite Posts of 2014


I had intended to do a round-up of my most viewed/liked/commented on/whatever posts of the year, but thanks to Pinterest, all of my “Most Viewed” posts at least are craft-related (I’m half-way decent at one social media platform, apparently). To add a little variety to my end-of-the-year list, I decided to pick my favorite posts instead.

It was neat to look back over everything I wrote this year. Somethings I was proud of. Somethings I may or may not have cringed over. Overall, though, I’m just super glad to have gotten through one whole year of blogging. In all of the years I’ve been attempting to write online (I think my first blog was in high school), I’ve never written as consistently as I have in 2014. High five to myself!

Readerly Geek has grown a lot this year too. Maybe not as much as I would like (ugh, it can be so hard not to play the comparison game), but I’m still going to choose to be proud of what’s been created here in my little space on the internet.

I hope next year I can come back and make this blog better than it’s been before. I feel like I’ve not been great at being myself on here lately (I’ve had a couple of creatively draining months), but I hope that I can regroup and get less stilted in my writing again.

Thanks to everyone of you who reads my blog and stops by here. It means a lot to me that you take the time to read my ramblings. High five to you too!

After all that, let’s get onto the actual point of this post.

Favorite Posts of 2014!

  1. The Positive Effects of Cult TV and Its Fandoms ~ In spite of the dry choice of title, I do love this post. It was very hard to write, and I stressed a lot over how it would be taken, but I was glad I got my thoughts into writing–even if the people I really wish would read it (i.e. my family) didn’t even look at it.
  2. Favorite Nerdy Girls from TV ~ I loved gushing over my favorite geeky girls. I do feel like going back and doing another appreciation post though because mine doesn’t include Simmons or Caitlin Snow.
  3. What I’m Watching ~ It was so much fun for me to do this (very short-lived) post series. I like writing chatty blog posts, but I don’t do it enough. I’ll have to remember that. . .
  4. Beginner’s Amigurumi ~ Part One: What is Amigurumi ~ This how-to series was super enjoyable to write. Sometimes my craft posts can feel a bit like drudgery to write (I tend to fall back on them when my depression’s worse), but my amigurumi posts never felt that way.
  5. Throwback Thursday: Anastasia Action Figures ~ I had so much fun dragging out my old toys and looking through them for this post. While I wrote this as a last ditch effort to get something up on a Thursday, I absolutely loved putting it together. I still have plenty more toys to dredge up so I might have to make this a regular feature next year.

One last thing, if you all would be so good as to fill out this survey form, it would be very helpful as I work out some of what I want to do in the new year. Like I said, I want to make this blog better. Any input’s appreciated!

Oh, and if I don’t post again before Christmas. . .Happy Holidays!


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