Adventures in Knitting


In May, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit properly. In high school, I learned to knit as part of a project to send camo scarves to soldiers. Unfortunately, my teachers didn’t see fit to teach me how to read a pattern or learn any other stitches besides the knit stitch.

The knit stitch, of course, doesn’t get you too far project-wise. You can knit simple scarves and that’s about it.

Thankfully, Youtube is now a thing–which made it very easy for me to increase my knitting skill set over the summer (while my Etsy shop wasn’t very busy). I’ve definitely grown to love knitting over the last six months. While crocheting is good for amigurumi and small projects, I prefer to use knitting now for wearable items like hats and scarves.

I’ve knitted a handful of projects in the last six months, and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come along. I loved learning the new skills needed for each project and watching as I gradually grew more advanced. I’ve still got a lot of learning to go, but I’m having fun so it’s all good!

Check out some of my projects below! I’ve including links to the patterns I used, if you want to give them a try yourself. 🙂

May : Scotty Hat


My very first experience with knitting from a pattern! It was an easy pattern to start with, but the size of the hat certainly made it time consuming for a newbie.

  • Skills Learned: Short Rows and Picking Up Stitches
  • Pattern Used: Scotty’s Hat

June: Henry Scarf


Based off of the scarf Henry wears in Once Upon a Time.  This scarf took me an entire month to make. (I don’t like knitting scarves. Too time consuming!)

  • Skills Learned: Purling
  • Pattern Used: Henry’s Scarf (This is a link to my adapted pattern.)

July: Blue Cat Hat


I love this hat. I wear it all the time when I go out. It’s super cozy and warm and quirky. I used Loops and Threads: Impeccable yarn for the pattern and it’s surprisingly soft. I love Impeccable yarn for amigurumi, but it’s great for hats too.

August: Little Red Riding Hood


I think this hat is super pretty, but I hated knitting it. There was just too much going on. I enjoy knitting to relax and the stitches on this hat just changed too often for me to get in a calm-zone.

  • Skills Learned: Decreasing Stitches in the Round
  • Pattern Used: Capucine

September: Pixie Hat


I made this hat for a gift. It’s supposed to have an i-cord hanging off the tip, but dpns are my kryptonite so I just couldn’t do it. It’s still an adorable hat though!

October: TARDIS Beanie


The shape of this hat is just plain werd, but I adore how the TARDIS’s came out! Yay for Fair Isle Knitting not being as horrible as I expected!

And Blue Turban


I made this for a gift. It’s soft and warm, but not something I’d personally wear. Also, this pattern made me realize that I’m so over knitting anything but hats. I love knitting in the round so much!

  • Skills Learned: Stockinette Stitch (Technically not a new skill, but I’ve never used this combo of stitches in a pattern before.)
  • Pattern Used: Twisted Turban from Knitting By Design

Have you ever tried knitting? Oh, if you’re on Ravelry, by the way feel free to friend me. (You can find me here.)


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Knitting

    1. When I knit with straight needles I drop stitches too (for some reason it doesn’t happen so much with knitting in the round). I always have my crochet hooks handy to pick them up again. Works like a charm!

  1. I tried knitting once but, for the life of me, I couldn’t even cast on! I’m going to see if my mom or sister will show me how. I like knit apparel better than crochet. It just seems so much… neater?
    I love the Henry scarf! I want one! And the Tardis beanie looks awesome!

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