Favorite Things #2


Last week, I was too busy crocheting special orders for my shop to discover any new favorite things. This week, however, things have been a bit less hectic and have had some time to watch some new things, bake, and catch up on my Christmas knitting (Okay, not catch up exactly. I’m still way behind).

If you like baking or knitting, read on because I made some pretty awesome things this week. There’s also geek stuff–as usual.

My Favorite Things

Source: HitFix.com
  • Constantine ~ While I fell asleep during the pilot, I have kinda fallen in love with the show since I’ve been catching up with it on Hulu. John is perfect as an adorable, scruffy, and morally complicated main character, and I really have loved the replacement sidekick, Zed. The show itself reminds me a lot of the early seasons of Supernatural–which is good because since I’ve stopped watching Supernatural I needed another monster hunter show in my life.


  • Nutella Rolls With Coffee Glaze ~ I found this recipe on Pinterest and had to try it. The rolls may have been a tad time consuming to make, but they came out delicious.
  • The New Cinderella Trailer ~ This movie looks gorgeous. I’m a complete nerd about fairy tale adaptations. I even liked Maleficent–which I did not expect to because I am no fan of Angelina Jolie. Someday, I hope they make a film adaptation of the musical, but until then, this seems like it will more than do.
  • The Duff Trailer ~ I’m not going to lie. I mainly want to see this movie because of shirtless Robbie Amell. Still, it does look like the goofy sort of high school movie I enjoy. It’s based off a a book of the same name so I’ll definitely have to pick that up from the library before I watch this.


  • The Super Chunky Knit Bobble Hat ~ I love this pattern! It only took me two hours to whip up, and it’s super wonderful and cozy. This particular bobble hat is going to be a Christmas gift, but I’m totally going to make myself one in my favorite color–orange. You can find the pattern here. 

Do you have any things you’ve been loving this week?


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